Applications for the Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-III for 2023-24

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The government will provide laptops to talented students under the Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme.

The project “Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme (PMYLS) Phase-III” will distribute 100,000 laptops among talented students on merit through an online transparent system.

In the past, two such schemes have been successfully executed by the Higher Education Commission.

Eligible Universities

Students studying in public sector Universities/ Degree Awarding Institutes and sub-campuses duly recognized by HEC: LIST

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Eligibility Criteria

All students who have pass out before distribution or those who study in private universities / degree colleges or other affiliated colleges are ineligible. Those who have received laptops are not eligible at all!

Students eligible will be those who are enrolled not earlier than their respective program duration as per the table below:

  • The applicant must have a valid CNIC/ B-Form number.
  • Must be valid student as of closing date for application submission i.e., 30th Jun 2023
Degree NameDurationDate of Admission (After )End Date
PhD5 Years30-Jun-1830-Jun-23
MS/ MPhil or Equivalent2 Years30-Jun-2130-Jun-23
MBA3.5 Years31-Dec-1930-Jun-23
MBA2.5 Years31-Dec-2030-Jun-23
MBA1.5 Years31-Dec-2130-Jun-23
Masters (16 years)2 Years30-Jun-2130-Jun-23
Undergraduate5 Years30-Jun-1830-Jun-23
Undergraduate4 Years30-Jun-1930-Jun-23
Ending date is the same for all.

Students studying in public sector Universities/ Degree Awarding Institutes duly recognized by HEC (Except Distance learning).

  • Students enrolled in PhD/ MS/ MPhil or equivalent 18-year program.
  • Students enrolled in a 4-year or 5-year bachelor’s degree program (morning and evening).
  • Students enrolled in MBA Program (3.5 years, 2.5 years, and 1.5 years).

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Distribution Criteria:

The distribution criteria have been defined as follows:

  • Laptops will be purely distributed on merit basis in each degree program i.e. (PhD, MS/M.Phil. and 16 Years of education)
  • Share will be determined as per university enrollment and the laptops Quota for each degree program will be determined (i.e., University Quota, Campus Quota, Degree program Quota, Department Quota and Years wise distribution).
  • As per PM office directives Balochistan HEI’s quota has been fixed i.e., 14% (14,000 Laptops) will be distributed in Balochistan HEI’s. (Note: – Students from Balochistan’s accredited universities would be accommodated under this allocated quota).
  • The remaining 86,000 will be allocated among public sector HEIs in accordance with their enrollment preferences.

The deadline to apply for all programs, including PhD, MS/MPhil, MBA, Masters and Undergraduate is 2oth June, 2023.

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