Admissions open for fully funded Masters & PhD in South Korea’s SNU & KAIST – Spring 2024

Are you dreaming of pursuing your higher education in a prestigious university? Look no further because the Seoul National University (SNU) and KAIST in South Korea are offering fully funded admissions for the Spring 2024 session. In this article, we will explore the application deadlines, the process of contacting professors, available scholarships, and the incredible opportunities that await you at these renowned institutions.

SNU and KAIST offer a wide range of opportunities for students. With world-class faculty, cutting-edge research facilities, and a vibrant academic community, these universities provide an enriching learning environment. You can explore diverse fields of study and collaborate with renowned researchers, paving the way for a successful academic and professional career.

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1. Introduction

SNU and KAIST are among the top-ranked universities in the world, renowned for their academic excellence and research contributions. These institutions provide exceptional opportunities for students to pursue Masters, MPhil, Masters leading to PhD, and PhD programs across various fields.

2. Application Deadlines

It’s essential to be aware of the application deadlines to ensure you have ample time to prepare and submit your application. For SNU, the deadline to apply is from 3rd July to 10th July 2023, which is very near. On the other hand, KAIST has a deadline from 24th August 2023 to 14th September 2023, providing you with a more extended timeframe for your application.

3. Contacting Professors

One crucial aspect of the application process is contacting professors who align with your research interests. By reaching out to them and demonstrating your passion and qualifications, you increase your chances of receiving a stipend, tuition fee coverage, and scholarships. The professors play a significant role in the decision-making process and can provide valuable support throughout your academic journey.

4. Scholarships and Financial Support

Both SNU and KAIST offer scholarships and financial support to assist students in pursuing their studies without financial burdens. The universities provide various scholarship options, including those offered by professors and the institutions themselves. You may receive a monthly stipend, tuition fee coverage, and additional financial support through these scholarships.

5. Application Process

To begin your application, follow the guides provided by the universities. Take the necessary steps to contact professors and establish a connection. If you receive positive responses and the conversation progresses, it’s essential to submit your application within the specified deadlines. Even if professors don’t respond, you can still apply, as another relevant professor may review your profile and conduct an interview for selection.

6. Links

SNU Admission Website link:…

President Fellowship for Faculty Members:…

SNU Website:

KAIST Admission Website link:…/Admission/Notice…

EOI to register for KAIST:…/1U3VB3tm5TyBqgFoQ…/viewform…

KAIST Website:


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