Amazon Internship Program for Bachelors, Masters, PhD Students

Applications for Amazon Paid Internship are open now. Individuals with undergraduate, Master’s, MBA, or Ph.D. degrees can apply for this program.

Through this program, applicants will engage with different programs, product lines, and various services. Moreover, the international internship provides practical work experience working with program associates. Interns can work from home or in the office, depending on the plan set by the manager and team. The duration of this program is of 12 to 16 weeks.

This is a global opportunity so that individuals can be from any origin in the world. This paid internship program aims to provide hands-on experience and exceptional mentorship to passionate interns. Amazon offers the opportunity to execute a project presentation at the end of the Amazon internship program.

Besides, they will get to enhance their skills by working with people from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, interns will learn about the important areas of Amazon. Through this program, students can excel in their professional careers by engaging in training and leadership sessions. By getting into this program, you will become a hardworking individual ready to take on any challenge.

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Financial coverage: Paid

Eligibility Criteria :

Here are the eligibility criteria for the Amazon Internship Program:

  • Applicants who can tackle any challenge are encouraged to apply.
  • Students who are passionate and hardworking towards their future goals are welcomed.
  • Applicants from any origin of the world can apply.
  • Applicants having undergraduate, Master’s, MBA, or Ph.D. degrees can apply.

Amazon Internship Program provides the following benefits:

  • It will provide a relocation stipend.
  • Health cost coverage.
  • Moreover, they may provide financial assistance.
  • Interns will receive expert counseling.
  • Get hands-on experience working under one of the top companies.
Selection Criteria
  • Online Application to be filled
  • Assessment process
  • Phone interview
  • In-person interview
Application Process:
  • Applicants can apply through the online application.
  • Complete the academic record and answer other questions.
  • Provide supporting documents (if required).
  • Complete all the required fields.
  • Complete your application form and submit it.
  • No specific deadline, but Amazon encourages applicants to apply in late summer or early autumn.
  • The deadline for every country varies.

(Note: Use a google translate extension to translate the page if you don’t understand the language.)

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