How to write motivational letter for international scholarships? (Free template!)

A motivational letter is a one-page document that explains why you are the best choice amongst your competitors.

Here are the tips on how to draft a motivational and get accepted immediately.

1. Make it personal

All you need to know about the app In most instances, most applicants fail because they try to copy other people’s work. While much of your interests might align, it is always good to write it yourself and make it as personal as possible. It is simple; take the bull by the horns. Explain genuinely why you need the position, pointing out how you connect with the company in terms of skills, goals, visions, and mission. Also, you may contemplate mentioning a few things that drive your passion. This could help shade light, for example, to your employer, on why you are the perfect fit for the position you are applying for. Lastly, you may consider researching the name of the person you are addressing, as this will help to find the connection. At the start of your writing, address them by name and title.

2. Ensure you cover the basics

Remember, the idea behind writing this type of letter is to persuade an institution or person to offer you a position. Therefore, emphasize your intent carefully without beating around the bush. Make this an additional opportunity to explain why you are suited for the position and not anyone else. Like, state what you will achieve when given a chance and what your contributions will be when you finally get the opportunity.

3. Keep it brief and straight to the point

Often, most employers do not have a lot of time and patience to read long pieces of writing. Thus, to save them time while benefiting from the “weakness”, keep your writing concise. Go straight to the point without having to give a lot of unnecessary stories. For example, if you are applying for employment, make your employer understand why you did not choose any other company from the beginning of your writing. Note: Instead of telling, invest most of your time showing.

4. Keep it interesting

As much as you want to portray that you are a serious candidate, and you want the position, it does not hurt not to be boring. Besides, it will be an addition because your employer will also be motivated to read your letter. Do not allow the person reading your piece a chance to paint a wrong picture of you by engaging him through short stories. Considering that this is a one-page piece of writing, ensure each story serves the primary intent of the letter. Also, try to be personal again with this aspect.

5. Conduct a thorough research

It is advisable to have enough information about the institution you are seeking to join. Thus, if they have a website, you may consider researching their motto, visions, and mission. Also, try to imagine how your interests align with all these aspects. After that, put it in writing, exploiting all the reasons why you want to be part of them. Besides, no tutor or employer will deny you an opportunity if they can notice that you have all it takes for the position.

6. Your grammar should be on point

Ensure you proofread before sending it. If possible, have a friend read it before attaching. Also, you may consider using a proofreading tool to help you in detecting the mistakes that you are not able to notice.

Free Template:
  • Before starting to edit the letter read about your scholarship program.
  • Try to familiarize yourself with the universities.
  • Find faculty members and read their work a little.
  • Mention some work of the faculty members in your motivational letter. This will show your deep interest in the program to the review committee.
  • Kindly edit the parts enclosed in square brackets in the letter attached above.
  • This letter does not need signature from your professor.

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