Meet Maryam Arif, a 16 Years Old With Eight Published Books and Two Podcasts

Maryam Arif (File Photo)

Maryam Arif was born in Karachi, Pakistan in August 2004. She started writing when she was only 10 years old. At an age of 12, she wrote poems for young dawn. She started writing her first book when she was fourteen. The next year she wrote 7 books. This made her one of Pakistan’s youngest writers to have eight books under the age of sixteen. She also has 3 coloring books; 1 for children, 2 for adults, under her name. Along with this Maryam is also a Goodreads verified author.

She runs two Podcasts; New Trends and Live Biology. She is also one of the youngest Pakistani Podcaster to have an international audience on both her platforms. 

The motivation behind the books:

Self Help Books

Her first 3 books were in series. The books were written for Pakistani youth to empower them to be successful and to drive the nation forward. The books include “Unlimited Power: The secret of achieving more”, “Growth from fears,” and “Reasons and morals”  The books were bought internationally and they are available on 13 marketplaces all over the world. Her love for her country is seen in her writings. 

She then decided to write a book on blogging named “Make money by Blogging” after making websites and blogging for clients. The book was bought internationally and was appreciated among the community.

She has also written “Top 9 Persuasive Copywriting Techniques” based on her experiences and skills in copywriting which she gained over the years. She is also a Goodreads verified author and her books sell on amazon as well.

Children’s Books:

Furthermore, she wrote 2 children’s books by the name of Mr. Baker series. The 2 books under this series were: “The Cupcake Party‘ and ‘The Unicorn Island‘.  She had originally written them for her cousin; who loved stories but ended up publishing those books. The books had the most page reads in India kindle unlimited compared to other marketplaces that she published in.


Maryam Arif has also written a 50,000+ words fiction novel known as “Sour Blood“.

Coloring Books:

Her coloring books include: Coloring Book for Children: for kids for 4-8, Cakes and Cupcakes: Creative Haven Coloring Book for adults and Inspiring and Keep Calm Quotes: Coloring book for adults.

The motivation behind Podcast:

Maryam has 2 Podcasts, New trends, and ‘Live Biology‘. New Trends is all about the trending things in the society while Live Biology is mostly discussions on various topics of Biology.

In this way New trends is used to talk about fashion and positive things about society while live biology is mainly for those who are interested in knowing more about life and living organisms.

Live Biology has an international audience. 50% of them are from the US, 9% from the UK along with other countries including 7% audience from Pakistan. It is available on 6 platforms including Spotify and Google podcasts, etc.

While New Trends‘ audience has 51% people from the US and 14% from Brazil. Both the Podcasts are in English and the goal is to educate people and help them get to know about newer things.

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