Fatima Bintay Salman, a 13-year-old, wrote 4 books during lockdown

These last two years have been rough for everyone. Lockdown due to pandemic has brought a full stop to life. People are working remotely from homes. It is as if normal life has ceased to exist for a while. This lockdown-induced anxiety has surely affected the creativity of people. But even in these testing times there are people who have been doing great things. One of these is a girl who wrote not one book but four during the lockdowns.

Fatima Bintay Salman (File Photo)

Fatima Bintay Salman is a 13 year old girl from Karachi. She is a student of class VIII.

Last year, around March during lock-down, she published her first book ‘Finding‘. She was only twelve years old then. The book was published on a platform called ‘Wattpad’. Wattpad is an esteemed online publishing platform for writers from around the world.

Since then, she has published four books altogether. She writes on teen-fiction genres and her books are for all ages. She plans on publishing even more.

At first, writing used to be a hobby. But as she started writing on Wattpad she quickly made an audience for herself. Most of her readers belong to USA, UK, Australia, India and Pakistan.

Her most popular work ‘The Journey of a Broken Heart‘ (published at the age of 12) hasmore than 11,000 reads and more than 2200 comments and votes. She has more than 580 people following on her Wattpad profile.

A few months back she also gave an interview on Wattpad to talk about her books and her writing journey. ‘The Journey of a Broken Heart, has also won the award of ‘The Best On-going Story‘ on the platform.

Her school has also appreciated her accomplishments. They have posted about them on the school website and Facebook page.

Her story ‘The Play‘ was also published in Dawn’s Young World Magazine (27th March, 2021). 

A little about her books:

Book 1. The Girl
The Girl (Book Cover)

It is the first book of 5 in a series. Full of sympathetic characters, wildly imaginative situations, and countless exciting details, the first installment in the series assembles an unforgettable world and sets the stage for many high-stakes adventures to come.

Book 2. The Journey of a Broken Heart
The Journey of a Broken Heart (Book cover)

This book is the story of Laura’s sister Lynn, battling Osteosarcoma (a type of cancer). Lur is trying to protect her but she herself has very little time left.

This book has some highest rankings on the site: #1 in #osteosarcoma, #1 in #rainbowawards, #2 in #oasisawards, #3 in #heartdisease, #5 in #thegoldenawards

Book 3. Finding
Finding (Book Cover)

“Cath is in her second year of college and is from a troubled household. She finds unexpected hatred from her loved ones but she is trying hard to find a place for herself where she will be loved and wanted.” This is Cath’s story.

Book 4. The Promise Breaker And The Fool

The Promise Breaker And The Fool (Book Cover)

What would happen when double dealings and backstabbing start bubbling in the pot of friendship? Words are jabbed, promises are broken, feelings are hurt. This is one such story.

You can visit her profile on Wattpad to see all her books. She writes with username @FatimaBinatySalman.

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