Opinion: Has technology impacted book reading and authors?

Is technology taking away the habit of reading?

You often hear this question, whether you are a reader or not. People are so sure that its not even a question anymore. It is a statement now. In the eyes of people ‘Technology has reduced book reading.’ In the old times, people used to read books in order to gain knowledge and to learn new things about the world they lived in. But do you know that there is another reason for that too. People in those times did not have internet or any of the modern day devices, so they used to develop reading as a habit to pass their time.

Photos of Time Before The Invention of That Grossly Antisocial Device: The  Smartphone
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The world that we live in today has changed a lot from the world our ancestors were familiar to. We are living in the Era of ‘internet’ and ‘modern technology’. Today, people have found various new ways to pass their time and make their lives easy. There are devices and browsers through which people can find and learn anything and everything they want in the world in a few taps on the screen. With the up-rise of technology, many think that book reading is no more that of a priority. Maybe there was a time when authors used to get worried about losing their readership due to the advancement in technology, but not anymore!

The book readers of this generation have found ways even in this rapidly changing and constantly upgrading modern world to make their mark and to continue passing this royal habit to the generations to come. Readers of today have created an online community by using the internet and technologies of these times. Most of us are familiar to the internet application known as Instagram, but let me introduce you to a new term in relevance to this application. Book readers these days create accounts solely dedicated to their love of reading, where they post artistic and aesthetically pleasing pictures of the books they read and keep updating their audience on their reading journeys. Such aacounts on Instagram are called ‘Bookstagrams’. Just like bloggers, Bookstagrammers post their reading updates in order to reach to a wider audience. They share book reviews, recommendations and even paragraphs from the books.

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The bookstagrammers are utilizing the sources available to them to help not just the readers, but the authors and publishing houses around the world. The same way companies advertise their products by sending PR packages to bloggers, authors and publishing houses send their new releases to Bookstagrammers and book reviewers to advertise their work and reach their target audience.

Talking about technology, many authors also publish their work in e-format and provide audiobooks as well, which helps people to fit this hobby in their busy schedules. It also is providing the people with the opportunity to diversify their reading as people are now able to get books from different authors and countries just by clicking a few times on their screens. The young generation tends to attract towards the new trends and ideas of internet. People on internet use trending hashtags and follow the challenges on Instagram to give their books more exposure.

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This is not only helping the authors but also becoming a career for many. Bookstagrammers are getting paid for their honest reviews and critiques of books and more and more young people are finding it “cool” to read and start their own bookish accounts. Lot of bookstagrammers have not just limited their accounts to posting reviews. They also share their art works and talents on this platform too. Many get approached by big companies to work with them. By writing reviews and creating content for their Bookstagrams, people are also enhancing their writing abilities and thus expanding their capacity to think creatively which definitely help them further in their careers.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the generation of internet has developed newer ways to keep book reading alive or even propagate it further more. Technology is in ways helping our generation in developing the love for books instead. It has started to provide many opportunities for young people in different aspects of their lives as well.


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2 thoughts on “Opinion: Has technology impacted book reading and authors?

  1. I am an avid book reader from my early age, that’s why I appreciate all the activities regarding book reading. The author of this article has written it with a command on topic. I like it.

  2. Haven’t thought about it in this way before, thanks for presenting your perspective. Its like a breath of fresh air. Indeed we can use technology to improve and benifit our nations and society

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