Opinion: Pivotal Role of Technology in Education

Technology is viewed as a divine blessing of God that has contributed significantly to civilizations and different disciplines of life. Technology has a major influence on many facets of life and has reframed quality of life. With the aid of technology, every aspect of human life and society has become more effective. Along with providing cognizance to the digital world, technology has fundamentally revolutionized the field of education and introduced many new avenues of learning. Nearly every part of this world is governed by education where technology has become an integral component of it.

technology in education

In the contemporary world, the concept of education has grown and progressed from just being a cause for prosperity and poverty reduction to the growth of educated nations and the creation of a professional workforce. Without a doubt, technology has a significant impact on the education sector and has marginally improved the quality of education. When it comes to education and technology, the penetration of technology in the education sector has grown two-fold. The advent of novel technologies are preceded by attempts of adapting to them for the improvement of educational purposes.

The digital learning curriculum provides breeding ground for valuable insights into learning and teaching dynamics. Following the evident impact of technology in the field of education, E-learning is yet another emerging paradigm that portrays the use of technology to deliver training and education via electronic means. Of the many benefits of digital technology, the most significant are the liberation of connections between teachers and students, as well as saving of time while overcoming the constraints of distance.

The inclusion of technology is becoming more imperative in the educational curriculum. The next generation of youth will be eager to learn with these emerging innovations, which will play a vital role in their training and acquisition of analytical skills, so technology must be integrated into forthcoming curriculum content.  The use of digital technology in education improves knowledge and cognitive abilities. The use of technology has resulted in an acceleration in learning and obtaining advanced information particularly on electronic devices. 

The implementation of technology has an evident impact on the development of a nation’s educational curriculum. Technology has become a vital aspect in the education sector of Pakistan. Pakistan is on the verge of digitization where in the past, there has been a lack of focus on digital education, but educational institutions are now being compelled to progressively adopt the technological landscape. While there are comparably few educational institutes that provide digital education, the proportion is predicted to change in the near future with forthcoming digital policies. However, without the proper use of technology in the field of education, Pakistan may remain underdeveloped and will never emerge as a strong state with high education and employment rates.


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