Science in Poetry – 1


Psychedelic Brain - Bruce Rolff
Artist: Bruce Rolff

In the darkness,

Beneath the skull.

Away from humans,

And the outside world.

Visual inputs,

And sounds alike.

Wouldn’t make much sense,

If it didn’t process them with all its might.

The incessant, relentless neurons,

In their daily toil.

A web of information.

But how is it stored, the smell of soil?

Or the feeling of nostalgia,

When you hear a particular sound.

Or the book that takes you back to childhood,

One which had been lost but is finally found.

The Chemical World

Painting by Jim Warren

How do we define reality,

If for each organism it changes so drastically.

Consciousness arising from our cortices,

Are we more than just biochemical entities?

Chemicals can shift our reality,

From depths of despair to ecstasy.

Is there an innate “self”?

Or are we just the product of our environment and biology.

If our minds can be controlled so easily,

How can we know what’s real and what’s a fallacy.

Fate of the universe

Sun surrounded by stars painting, space, art, HD wallpaper | Wallpaperbetter

Will the sun swallow the earth whole,

And obliterate everything we know.

Will the stars move farther and farther still,

Till the sky looks like an abyss from up the hill.

Or maybe all matter will rejoin as one,

A gripping theory called the “Big crunch”

I don’t know what the end of the world will be,

I might not be here to hear nor see.

I have witnessed what I thought were ends,

Only for another chapter to begin.


Shadow Of Time by artist Aarrti Zaveri – Surrealism, Painting | Mojarto |  247220
Shadow of Time by Aarrti Zaveri

When did the clock start ticking?

Was there ever a beginning?

And if so, what existed before that?

How long after utter darkness did the universe start to expand?

Has it been there since eternity?

Does it exist in a singularity?

Or maybe time is just a concept,

That humans made up to cope with reality.


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