Pakistan’s youngest author, Maryam Arif, has also published a research article on oncology

Maryam Arif

Maryam Arif, who has been recognized internationally for being one of Pakistan’s youngest authors, podcasters has also published a paper on oncology in the country’s top journal.

Maryam was born in Pakistan in August 2004. At the age of 16, she had written more than eight books.

The article titled ” PROGRESSION AND MICROENVIRONMENT OF CANCER BY LACTIC ACID” appeared in Pakistan’s Journal of Pharmacology.

The journal has an Impact Factor of 1.103 and has also been abstracted and indexed in more than 20 various national and international databases e.g., Chemical Abstracts, MEDLINE/PubMed, Index Medicus, Global Health, NLM LocatorPlus, IMEMR, Serial Cited, and PakMediNet.

The paper was published in 2020 when Maryam was only 15 years old.

Maryam says that she took inspiration from Issac Newton and Albert Einstein who have contributed a lot to the growth of human society.

Maryam had to self-finance to write her paper. The paper took her three years. In those years Maryam had to constantly study about cancer and lactic acid behavior in inaerobic conditions.

She originally published the work as a book but then it was turned into a paper due to the material’s worth.


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