Pakistan’s first solar hybrid car with regenerative braking developed by engineering students

Pakistan’s first solar hybrid car with regenerative braking has been developed by a group of engineering students.

The HSEV (Hybrid Solar Electrical Vehicle) was built for the final year project by the students studying at the Department of Electrical Engineering NUCES-FAST. The team comprises of M Akif Naeem, Engr Muhammad Bilal Qadri and Hamza Nagra.

According to a short introduction shared by the team the mileage of this vehicle is around 160-200 km depending upon driving behavior.

An engine has also been installed in the car so it can be driven without charging the battery.

The operational cost is around 0.5 rupees per km.

1 KW 48V BLDC motor and 35AH Lithium Ion battery is used.

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The speed and millage can further be improved by using high ratings of motor and battery.

The unique part of it is the regenerative braking system. Whenever brakes are applied, it further charges the battery thus improving the millage by 10-20%.

The team has spent a total manufacturing cost of Rs. 2.25 Lac.

They have the government and investors to help make it practical in the form of two, three and four-wheeler low-cost electrical vehicles. They further said that this project is in line with the government’s EV policy 2020.

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