Top 10 educational websites to teach you for free!

Every individual is unique and so is his learning capacity. One learns better with teacher in the classroom and one can learn better through on line websites. It all depends on the student and the program. In this era of digitalization people are preferring e-learning for various reasons. People are preferring online websites more and more because of the comfort of learning a subject at their own pace.

There are many educational websites which teach you for free. As already discussed people prefer one website over other based on their individual interests and learning methodology. Let us look at the top ten websites which are providing free education sites to students.

1. Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point originated from the idea that there exists a class of readers who respond better to online content and prefer to learn new skills at their own pace from the comforts of their drawing rooms. They flaunt a wealth of tutorials ranging from programming languages to web designing to academics and much more. With their motto of ‘Simply Easy Learning’, they provide clear, crisp, and to-the-point content on a wide range of technical and non-technical subjects without any preconditions and impediments. Their excellent software tutorials enable you to edit, compile and execute software programs in C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, PHP, Node.js, Java script etc.,

Click here to visit the website.

2. Tutorix – Simply Easy Learning

In this era of digitalization online learning is the best method to get an edge over the other students in the class. There are many e-learning apps in the market to choose from. Students should be wise to choose the best app in order to score better and reach to the top.

Tutorials point, which is leading as number one in the e-learning portals in India for the past one decade have extended their curriculum to even school going kids.

The expert team at tutorials point have come up with their next generation learning app for K-12 students the “Tutorix”, which is built with the motto “Simply Easy Learning”. They have taken extreme care about the content which cannot be seen in any other apps.

Learning made easy and fun with young and energetic team of faculty who have simplified even the most difficult concepts. click here to visit.

3. edX

This is one of the popular websites which was founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012. It offers high quality courses from the world’s best universities at one place. Visit now.

4. Coursera

This is also a similar website which offers courses from top universities of USA. It is more user-friendly website which offers courses including recorded videos which help students to get the feel of classroom sessions. They also offer sharable electronic Course Certificate once you fulfill the criteria.

5. AcademicEarth.Org

This website gives an array of academic options to students ranging from online graduation courses like accounting and economics to engineering subjects. They also offer niche subjects like behavioral psychology. They have collaboration with a bunch of reputed universities like Oxford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University etc., This portal also has videos and podcasts of all the subject to suffice the different levels of interest in students.

6. The Open Education Consortium

The Open Education Consortium (OEC) is a global network of open education institutions and organizations, which provide free educational resources and open educational models which enables international collaboration and innovation. They bring high quality inclusive education available to learners all over the world. It has a network of hundreds of institutions all over the world with courses in about 20 languages and that too absolutely free.

Visit OEC

7. Udemy

Udemy provides a global marketplace for learning and teaching online. An exhaustive 65000 courses are taught by expert instructors. Students get course subjects which include literature, history, economics, social sciences, business management and others.

Click here to reach their website.

8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created by educator Salman Khan in 2006 and provides a set of online tools that help to educate students. This is an elaborate website with practice exercises and reading materials also and short videos.

Students are provided with personalized dashboard to learn at their own pace. It provides all the traditional school subjects and moreover caters from primary school to graduation all at one stop. Math syllabus is ranging from kindergarten to Calculus.

The users of the website can access the content which is mainly provided in English, and this site provides content even in Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, French, German, Bengali and Hindi. Visit Khan Academy.

9. Wikiversity

It is an online education project which is run in collaboration with professionals, students and anyone who wants to contribute. This project proves the awesome potential of the Internet and is a great resource of online academic programs. Visit now

10. Howcast | The best how-to videos

How cast is a one stop website which offers high quality, expert hosted videos on almost all topics under the sky, which keeps the inquisitiveness alive in the people. It empowers people with engaging videos which provide short videos on deliver the useful how-to information on whichever topic they need to know.

The portal revolves around the keyword “how”, “I wish I knew how to”. Click to visit Howcast.


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