Bryt – An innovative educational portal for O level Students

Bryt is a Karachi based EdTech Platform for all your educational needs, The platform currently caters for the O level students in various subjects such as Accounting, Mathematics , Biology ,Economics ,Additional Mathematics and Chemistry. The platform is unlike other due to it’s Bite sized learning through visualization.

Bryt has some of the most amazing features for an EdTech, one being the choice to ask a query regarding any question you are stuck on, To a panel of highly qualified instructors . Along with that, Bryt has one of the best subject curated notes designed to help you ace your exams.

Bryt offers detailed solutions to numerous past papers on the various subjects, giving view on the perfect answer expected by the examiner. These past papers give in-depth solutions with guided steps, thought processes and all tips and tricks you need to get the best grade.

Bryt’s amazing features don’t stop there as there are many more, such as the ‘Self – Assessment’ feature in which users gets topic specific questions after finishing a certain topic to get instant self-assessment, which further helps them by identifying their mistakes. You can also bookmark any important topic in one place thanks to the integrated bookmark feature.

Not only that Bryt makes learning fun through it’s Leaderboard system in which you can challenge your friends and compete towards being top on the charts by scoring marks on quizzes. Students can join Group Discussions to interact to students around the world.

Bryt is one of the best EdTech portal as over 3,000 satisfied students have been using it around the world, many great testimonies and over 30,000 questions practiced. As someone who has personally used the platform, It has greatly increased my academic scores and has taught various topics in which I previously struggled. It is a great platform to use for the July/August series students to clear their doubts and get great revision from.

So what are you waiting for, head over to, register for free and start Learning. Click on the button:


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