Internet: A Free Resource to Learn Anything, Anywhere!

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We are living in an age where almost everything is accessible. With the aid of technology, we can find a bunch of information in milliseconds on the Internet today. People of old times never had this opportunity. They required a specific sitting and timing to acquire knowledge and skills. But, today, there is no need for such formalities. All you need is to open your browser on your device and search for anything you want to learn.

The old way of getting education which required specific sitting and timing to be followed had one biggest drawback: it was very costly. People had to spend a considerable amount of money to acquire knowledge and skills. Technology has sorted out this problem as well. Today, we see that the rich and poor both have access to the Internet. It is because Internet has become a very common phenomenon due to its cheaper prices. Today, everyone can access any sort of information on the Internet without spending huge amounts of money.

You may also have come across websites and social networks that provide free courses to their users. This is another example of the cost-effectiveness of the Internet. Recently, the Government of Pakistan has also started many online courses to help people build their skills free of cost. There are also many international non-profitable organizations that are offering free courses on the Internet today. Some of these are freeCodeCamp, OpenLearn, EdX, Udemy, Coursera, DigiSkills, Allison, etc. There are also many free online courses that are being offered by Google, MIT, and Harvard University.

There is another biggest free resource on the Internet, i.e. YouTube. YouTube is a platform where you can find hour-long lectures of world-class scholars for free! You want to learn about religion? There are tons of lectures of well-renowned scholars on YouTube available! You want to learn Science? Well, There are numerous creators on YouTube that make scientific content. Arts and Culture? All right, there are tons of channels dedicated to arts and culture as well! All you need is to open YouTube and search for videos you need. Once you find the right content, sit, relax, and watch!

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Many people are already getting benefits from such platforms, while some have no interest at all in exploring things. One could also argue that people do not know how to use technology and take full advantage of it. Therefore, they miss the opportunity to grow.

There is also a lack of access to the Internet in many places in Pakistan. That is another reason why people are unable to take advantage of technology today.

However, as mentioned above, it is an established fact that technology is playing a great part in improving people’s lives. Internet is like the biggest library in the world that contains an unlimited amount of information. Therefore, it is the need of the hour that we realize what is the potential of the Internet and self-initiate learning for ourselves.

Learning on Internet could be hard as there is no one to monitor you. You are on your own on the Internet. Therefore, self-discipline is the key to start learning on the Internet. But if you are already a self-learner, then congrats! You do not need any kind of extra effort to self-initiate learning on the Internet.

Here are links that can redirect you to websites that are offering free courses online:

  1. Harvard University
  2. Learn Digital with Google
  3. freeCodeCamp
  4. Udemy
  5. Coursera
  6. Open Learn
  7. EdX
  8. DigiSkills
  9. Allison


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