SOFTEC: A beacon of hope for the future of IT in Pakistan

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SOFTEC, SOFTware Exhibition and Competition, is an annual event held at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Lahore, Pakistan. The event contributes towards the advancement of technology and research in Pakistan’s IT industry. The event provides a platform recognizing talent, a forum for exchange of ideas and an opportunity for students with a passion in IT to interact with professionals from all over the globe.

SOFTEC has become a legacy of FAST-NU, where its successes can largely be accredited to its dedicated organizers and passionate participants. Every year we have amazing sponsors on-board with us who ensure our success as well. SOFTEC is organized by the SOFTEC Society of FAST-NU, founded in 1995. SOFTEC is a beacon of hope for the future of IT in Pakistan and aims to celebrate innovative ideas.

We are proud to say that SOFTEC has been around for 25 years now and it has snowballed into an annual extravaganza that everyone waits for. SOFTEC is the focal point of the celebration for the advancement of Information Technology and Pakistani youth’s thirst for the knowledge and competition. In order to continue our tradition, SOFTEC will be adapting to this unpredictable times and will be held online.

One of the greatest milestone for SOFTEC has been its diversity in its competitions and its participants. Apart from have amazing run all these years, SOFTEC continues to always surpass its own benchmark. Every year SOFTEC continues to appeal to the student body of various age-groups and is proud to have broken the 1500 participant attendance barrier. SOFTEC really is an incredible platform where productivity, student interaction and networking is promoted.

SOFTEC days are jam packed with proceedings of different competitions in order to cater every IT enthusiast. The following competitions will take place in SOFTEC 2021:

  • Software Project Competition
  • Engineering Project Competition
  • Programming Competition
  • Web Development Competition
  • App Development Competition
  • Graphic Designing Competition
  • Gaming Competition
  • Artificial Intelligence Competition

In addition to this, the event will also consist of following exhibitions:

  • Software House Enclosure
  • Software Project Exhibition
  • Engineering Project Exhibition
  • IT Conferences

One of the major perks of being part of our IT extravaganza is HR Networking. As mentioned before, SOFTEC is sponsored by the most noteworthy tech companies, giving each entrant an opportunity to interact with them, most importantly their HR. This interaction can be more than just means to learn; it is an opportunity to gain internships, jobs and drop your CVs and earn recognition at these renowned tech companies. Besides, the provision of a chance to land invaluable internships at notable companies, SOFTEC provides a platform to expand your IT horizon.

The engagement at this event is not only limited to the sponsors! Teams from all over the world would be a part of this event, and IT experts of all sorts would be present, allowing an opportunity to increase your social and field related contacts, extensively.

The winners of every competition category are awarded cash prizes! So what are you waiting for? Head on to SOFTEC website: and get yourself or your team registered for a competition that is bound to test your IT knowledge to its limits!

Register your team here. You can use ambassador code “244” for a 10 percent discount on registration.


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