Pakistan to represent the finest of its technology at the LEAP Riyadh technology event

Pakistan is on its way to representing the finest of its technology sector at the LEAP Riyadh technology event, taking place from 1st to 3rd February 2022. LEAP is a global platform for the innovation ecosystem, connecting pioneers and disruptors with business and government leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists and more to experience and learns about the technologies of the future.

With the collaboration of the Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA), Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), Ministry of IT & Telecom and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Pakistan will be setting up two pavilions comprising 24 companies at LEAP Saudi Arabia this year facilitated by TDAP and PSEB.

This is the biggest number of companies Pakistan’s IT industry has ever represented at a global platform as of yet, showcasing a diverse range of large enterprises to mid-sized companies and startups. This is aligned with the strategic objective of P@SHA and PSEB to promote Pakistan as the “Tech Destination Pakistan” while TDAP plays its pivotal role in facilitating the businesses from Pakistan.

P@SHA and PSEB through the Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh are also organizing networking meet up at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with them, for Pakistani and Saudi CxOs, industry leaders and investors to engage in information exchange and business matchmaking. P@SHA will be strategically leading the Pakistani companies at LEAP with the support of all relevant stakeholders and is preparing a Delegation Portfolio of the participant organizations which will be shared with the invitees of the Riyadh Chamber.

Along with that, P@SHA will conduct a knowledge sharing webinar for these companies. Chair P@SHA Brand Pakistan Committee, Zohaib Khan and Director Marketing and Events, Talha Bin Afzal will be representing P@SHA at the event and exploring avenues of networking and collaboration for member organizations. According to Zohaib Khan, “LEAP Riyadh is a stellar opportunity for Pakistan’s Tech companies to increase their export and establish connections in the Middle East market.”


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