SOFTEC-22: The biggest IT event in Pakistan is back with prizes worth a million rupees

SOFTEC is the most sizably voluminous IT event in Pakistan organized by FAST university Lahore campus. It has been organized every year for the last 25 years. It has now become the flagship event that leads all university events, especially those contained in information technology.

The event is designed to cater to the innovative ideas of the young generation in mind. It aims to help them introduce and showcase their conceptions on an unprecedented platform in the country before SOFTEC.

Due to the prosperity of the event, it is annually graced by about 1600 participants and a footfall of about 6000 people, all eager to learn from the best environment that could be available in Pakistan. The event is sponsored by tech giants and renowned software houses promoting a competition that strives to push boundaries and bring out the best in participants. Organized by the student body of FAST NUCES, this event is by far the biggest tech event Pakistan sees every year.

SOFTEC can be broken down into two major categories: Prodigiously competitive competitions and exhibitions and conferences. Renowned professionals from the IT field hold these conferences and impart their knowledge gained from years of experience. The competitors are divided into ten categories which are:

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  1. App Development
  2. Web Development
  3. Robo Rumble
  4. Software Project Competition
  5. Programming Competition
  6. Artificial Intelligence Competition
  7. Graphic Design Competition
  8. Engineering Project Competition
  9. Ideas Xtreme
  10. Gaming competition
    1. Tekken7
    2. Valorant
    3. FIFA 22

(Registration link is given in the end of the article.)

Each competition tasked to bring out potential like no other further details of the competitions are as following

1.      App Development

SOFTEC’s App Development Competition is solely targeted towards mobile application developers. This Competition provides a healthy environment for students from all over Pakistan to showcase their mobile application development skills and bring their innovative application ideas to life.

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2. Web Development

Different teams from renowned institutes participate in testing their web development skills against a broader and stricter spectrum of students and get acquainted with the experts’ most recent developments in the field.

With the aim of making healthcare more accessible and saving lives with technological advancements, CureMD is giving a chance to all the web developers out there to show their skills and win big by being a proud sponsor for the Web Development Competition of SOFTEC’22.

3.      Robo Rumble

The high-intensity and eye-catching competition where hardware and software enthusiasts collaborate to engender the being which goes against other similar creations. This most-awaited, highly competitive steel vs steel competition brings life to the event as a whole along with providing the participants an opportunity to learn from other designs as well.

4. Software Project Competition

This Competition assembles students from across the world to exhibit their software projects for formal judging by a team of experts, providing participants with valuable feedback and experience of genuine-world.

For this year, SOFTEC’22 is proud to have SPC sponsored by Swvl Pakistan, the fastest growing startup revolutionizing the way people commute, especially through bus and car.

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5. Programming Competition

This Competition gears the participants to perform under pressure and gives them insight into where they stand in comparison with their counterparts from countries throughout the world. The Competition is structured to test participants in the arena of speed programming – coming up with a solution to an intricate question in inhibited time.

Our marvelous Programming Competition, which will be sponsored by April And June (Pvt) Ltd, a German based company which excels in providing customer-specific E-commerce solutions and online Marketing among a plethora of Web and Print services.

6.      Artificial Intelligence Competition

Artificial Intelligence Competition was designated as Data Science Competition when it was introduced as a highly anticipated event during SOFTEC 2019. Participants exhibit multidisciplinary skills ranging from complex Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Communication and Business. Judges contemplate on the projects made by talented contestants and prizes are distributed.

AI-based healthcare projects will also be expected to be there and will play a vital role in making AI competition a huge success that’s why the key promoter of AI competition is Soliton Technologies as they are working on AI-based healthcare solutions ensuring inclusion, as per WHO’s guidelines.

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7. Graphic Design Competition

Graphic Design Competition gives a chance to the digital designers to showcase their illustration skills to the world by enabling the competitors to bring out their inner dreamer and get noticed by future employers.

Narsun Studios, specialist in blockchain development, have sponsored GDC to let students gain recognition for their creative design work. Narsun studio is doing commendable work and is serving the community by providing different services including App development, Software consultancy and much much more!

8.        Engineering Project Competition

This Competition, a highly anticipated event, was launched for the first time during SOFTEC 2007 to cater to exceedingly zealous hardware-predicated projects submitted to the software competition in recent years. One of the most celebrated events of SOFTEC’22, the engineering competition allows participants to showcase their hardware based projects on a greater forum and get first-hand evaluations from the best in the field. A competition that allows for you to bring your ideas and innovations to life.

9.        Ideas Xtreme

This is a competition where candidates can present their conception predicated on a concrete theme decided by our team through presentation utilizing any presentation software rather than a model.

 For SOFTEC 22, this innovation fed competition is sponsored by Nexxie Solution. Nexxie Solutions is a leading BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Company in the call center field at global level. It provides an entire spectrum of business solutions in Outbound Voice-Based Services, Customer Support Services, and Back-Office Processing Solutions.

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10.    Gaming Competition

The gaming competition draws profound interest from spectators. From Valorant to Fifa to TEKKEN, Gaming Competition has it all. Even spectator areas are set up to sanction people to canvas the progress of tournaments optically.

Hazel Mobile, a leading games and application development studio has sponsored this year’s Softec Gaming Competition.They deliver innovative ideas and believe that execution is the key to success.

There is colossal prize money involved in all of these competitions and collectively totals up to a prize money worth up to 1 million rupees. This generous amount is funded by the gracious sponsors of SOFTEC, who have made the event possible through their avail.

On the event day, the whole university is lighted and geared up to host the waves of participants and Chief Guests like Saleem Ghauri, Asad Umar, Umar Saif, Shafqat Mehmood, all of whom magnetize an astronomical array of media outlets (Neo TV, GEO News, City 42, Daily Pakistan, FM 89) that further enchant the event.

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