China-Pakistan researchers won gold medal for their novel design to resolve pollution issues

Biomedical research team from School of Materials Science and Engineering at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University won gold medal award from the 7th Zhejiang International and the 7th Zhejiang college students “Internet plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which ended July 2021. 

In total, 80 teams from different universities of Zhejiang Province participated in the competition.

The ZSTU biomedical research team, made up of China-Pakistan researchers, won the award for their novel design to resolve the environmental and water pollution issues harnessing the green synthesis and recyclable technologies.

The presenters, Asim Mushtaq and Yike Hou, are currently enrolled as Ph.D. candidates in the Smart Biomaterials Group at ZSTU under the supervision of Prof. Xiangdong Kong, Prof. M. Zubair Iqbal and Prof. Shibo Wang.

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The Smart Biomaterials Research Group is dedicated to the design of multifunctional biomaterials and their applications in nanomedicine, particularly cancer diagnosis and therapeutics.

The group has consistently produced world-class results, disseminated via papers in the renowned international journals and innovative patents. The multidisciplinary team, under the leadership of Professors Kong and Iqbal, is executing various multinational projects in collaboration with researchers in nanoscience from academia and industries around the globe.

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This is another occasion of achievement for Pakistani researchers in China, as usual producing high quality research output. Dr. M Z Iqbal is also performing his duties as Vice President of the Material Science Society of Pakistan and Vice Director of Zhejiang-Mauritius Joint Research Center for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering. 


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