UET Lahore teams win two research grants from Pakistan Science Foundation

University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore’s faculty has won two competitive research grants through Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) under implementation of the 18th protocol of scientific and technical cooperation between Pakistan and China.

According to a press release, the collaborative projects will be carried out by research teams comprising both Pakistani and Chinese researchers. Research funds for the Pakistani teams will be provided by the Pakistan Science Foundation, whereas the National Science Foundation of China will provide research funds for the Chinese team.

In one project, the research team of Prof Dr Naveed Ramzan (Chemical Engineering, UET Lahore), Prof Dr Muhammad Shahid Rafiq (Physics, UET Lahore), Prof Dr Saima Yasin (Chemical Engineering, UET Lahore), and Dr Ayyaz Ahmad (Chemical Engineering, MNS UET Multan) will work on “Structural control and application of nano-pesticide through flash nano-assembly” in collaboration with Prof Dr Yisheng Xu of the East China University of Science and Technology. The total funding for this project will be Rs7.2 million. The objective of the research was to improve the delivery of pesticides to crops by optimising its delivery, reducing its wastage, and protecting the environment.

The second project has been awarded to the research team of Dr Amir Ikhlaq (Institute of Environmental Engineering and Research, UET Lahore), Prof Dr Syed Mohsin Ali Kazmi (Chemical Engineering, UET Lahore), and Prof Dr Fei Qi from Environmental Science and Engineering Department, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing China.

The team will work on “Application of reduced graphene oxide in combination with zeolites in a novel integrated in-Situ Electroflocculation/catalytic ozonation/ceramic membrane filtration.” The total fund for this project would be Rs3.74 million. The research will focus on an innovative idea to treat pharmaceutical waste water for its reuse in a more efficient manner, bringing economic and environmental benefits.


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