FAST NU students develop device that prevents drivers from falling asleep while driving

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FAST National University students have developed a unique device. The project is called the “Anti-Dozing Device” and its purpose is to make sure that the car driver does not fall asleep while driving on National Highways and Motorway.

This final year project has won this year’s SOFTEC Engineering Project Competition.

Muhammad Usama Anwar, Khawaja Hammad and Usman Tariq under the supervision of their FYP advisor Omer Saleem Bhatti came up three unique prototypes of their project.

One of the prototypes is using the power of Artificial Intelligence and a night-vision camera to make sure to ring the alarm whenever the eyes of the driver are closed for more than a second.

The second one, the cap, is keeping track of the angle of inclination of the head and whenever the head is tilted to any side, the alarm would be triggered.

They are working on their third prototype, the glasses, and it would also trigger the alarm if the eyes are closed. For this they are going to place a filter in front of it to reduce the impact.

Moreover, they have put together a vibration bracelet and have connected it to their device so that if people don’t get alert with the alarm sound, they can wake up by the high intensity of the vibration bracelet.

The team aims to engineer this unique safety feature inside every vehicle in Pakistan and hopes that it would be considered as important as seatbelts and airbags.


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