Mathlete By Saad – Disrupting the way IGCSE/O/A level students learn Maths

‘Mathlete by Saad’ is a Pakistani-based YouTube Channel disrupting the way GCE O Level, IGCSE and A level students learn Maths. Founded by Muhammad Saadullah Saleem, a teacher currently working at Nixor, Karachi, who has been in the teaching industry for over ten years. Saad was formerly the Director of BRYT, a Pakistani-based EdTech Startup, he cofounded.

Saad began his career unofficially back in 2012 as he started teaching his friends and neighbour’s during his A levels. Around 2014, when Saad was in his university, He began tutoring students for SATs and aptitude tests of renowned universities such as IBA, LUMS, CBM, and SZABIST.

Fast forward to 2018, when teaching full-time at The City School. He invested in an iPad to make teaching more efficient and interactive. “My drawing skills were never too good & with math sometimes you have to draw the entire diagram/figure on the board before you can explain.” said Saad. Having an iPad really helped overcome this challenge.

In the same year, Saad realised that most students had more or less the same questions. So a light bulb went off for him. He started recording videos on the most frequently asked questions. But the file sizes were too big to be shared over Whatsapp and services like dropbox/google drive weren’t so popular amongst the students back then. To combat this, he decided to dump all of the recordings on YouTube, But the videos weren’t public due to him feeling nervous and the fear of being judged would kick in every time he thought to do so.

In two months, Saad created over 30 videos for his students in which he’d explain some important concepts and answered common questions along with exam tips. He figured something new: tons of students who were not directly studying in his class started requesting videos to be made on different topics. “Luckily, most students I met were quite supportive of my work and this was the motivation for me to keep making more videos.”

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Parents were delighted as their kids were receiving good grades without having to break the bank for tuitions.Then to speed things up Saad investing in a wireless microphone and a tripod to record lectures in his school classes. These videos had a classroom type vibe and there was some humour in them also, they were well received by the audience and things really started to take off! His inbox would be flooded with thank yous and requests for making videos on so and so topics.

As the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic hit, entire world went into lockdown. This also meant that exams were canceled. In his spare time, Saad decided to learn Video editing, YouTube’s algorithm, and everything related to making content. As the pandemic subsided, exams were announced, so students rushed to YouTube for learning as there were still health and safety concerns, this is when Saad saw a massive spike in views of his videos. The videos not only helped students get their desired grades, but also saved a lot of parents their hard-earned money.

As of now, Saad has over 30,000 subscribers and 2,000,000+ Views on YouTube , 10,000 followers on Instagram and over 2,000 students on Udemy, a platform for online courses. The team has now grown up to five members which includes graphic designers and video editors. Saad is humbled to see the impact he has made. He encourages his colleagues and students to create educational and informative content as he believes this will improve the image of Pakistan on a global level and will create more opportunities for the people around.

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