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The Graduate Internship Program (GIP) provides recent graduates with practical experience, applicable knowledge, skill development, and management expertise.

The Graduate Internship Program (GIP)

Since it started, the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has done many new things and become known around the world. They have done great work making sure engineering education is high-quality, and they have reached important goals. Significant organizations all across the world verified PEC.

What is this program?

At their 43rd Governing Body meeting, PEC approved a program called “Trainee Engineers” for new graduates. The Graduate Internship Program (GIP) is a special thing for about 2,000 fresh engineers who finished their studies between 2018 and 2023.

These engineers will get to work in different areas. The main idea of the Graduate Internship Program (GIP) is to help new graduates learn by doing real work. They will get to know how things work, learn new skills, and become professionals using the latest methods and tools.

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Eligibility criteria for the Graduate Internship Program (GIP)

You can apply for the Graduate Internship Program (GIP) if you completed your engineering degree between January 2018 and December 2022 and are a registered engineer with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

Your final degree needs to have at least 50% marks or a 2.5 CGPA. You should not have done any other training or have a job from any government or private place. You also should not be a full-time student.

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Benefits of the Graduate Internship Program (GIP)

The Graduate Internship Program (GIP) is not a job offer. It is a temporary internship for six months. After this, you won’t get a permanent job, but you will learn a lot. If you are a woman, have a disability, or are from a minority group, there are special spots for you. You will also get Rs. 30,000 every month during this time.

Requirements of the Graduate Internship Program (GIP)

You must be from Pakistan and have recently finished your engineering degree. This means you were done with your studies not too long ago.

When applying for the Graduate Internship Program (GIP), you must provide the following documents:

  • Your complete CV (curriculum vitae) – Make a CV Now.
  • Information regarding your field of study (discipline)
  • Details about your domicile (place of residence)
  • Your area of interest

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How to apply?

Joining the Graduate Internship Program (GIP) is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Fill out your detailed CV (like a paper that talks about you) and share your personal details.
  • The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) will put together all the information it collects. They will sort it out based on what you studied, where you live, and what you are interested in.
  • Companies looking for interns will see a lot of people who want to join. They will read about everyone and choose the ones they like. They might want people who match their needs, like in industries, schools, research, or other things.
  • If a company chooses you, PEC will verify and approve it.
  • Once PEC approves it, you will get a message telling you that you have been selected.
  • PEC will give money to the companies. The companies will give it to you as a trainee engineer.
  • The companies have to show PEC that they gave you the money.
  • After you finish the six months of learning, the companies will tell PEC how you did. They will follow a plan for this.
  • If you successfully complete everything, PEC will award you a certificate stating that you did a fantastic job.

Remember, the Graduate Internship Program (GIP) is a chance to learn and grow. Even though it is not a permanent job, it can help you get ready for a good engineering career.

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There is no specific deadline for application submission, you can apply through out the year.

Apply now

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