Ornaments ‘The New Chains’ – A Unique View of the Modern World Materialism

Written by Noor Shafique

In the past, Africans chained their women, and even though women have liberated themselves from many problems, they are still enslaved by an unknowing cage known as ornaments. In recent years, minimalism and simplicity have become increasingly popular in fashion and lifestyle.

Excess and overconsumption are still prevalent, particularly when it comes to ornamental jewellery and other accessories as well. Ornaments, in my opinion, are the new chains since they serve as a form of materialistic servitude and an escape from more significant tasks. 

Jewellery and other ornaments may appear to be useful or even safe at first glance. After all, they can enhance our appearance, highlight our distinct personalities, and even have sentimental value.

When we look closely, though, we can see how they may also become a cause of tension, worry, and dissatisfaction.The cost of ornaments can be too expensive.

Many individuals consider fine jewellery and high-end accessories to be out of their price range due to its expensive cost, which can reach into the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

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Even more cost-effective options may accumulate over time, producing a never-ending cycle of spending and consumption. This can lead to debt, financial stress, and the feeling that one can never have enough.

In addition, ornaments may cause envy and comparison. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of people with flawless skin, ideal bodies, and lavish lifestyles, ornaments can come to symbolise our worth and social standing.

Even if it means sacrificing our personal preferences or financial security, we may feel compelled to follow current fashion trends or adopt the fashion sense of our friends.

Finally, ornaments have the potential to divert our attention away from more vital tasks. We could spend hours browsing malls or online stores in search of the perfect addition to our collection.

This time would be better spent on hobbies, spending time with loved ones, or doing things that make us happy and pleased.

In conclusion ,while ornaments may appear to be harmless or even beneficial, they can also become a source of bondage and distraction in our life.

We may break free from these bonds and live a more happy and meaningful life by adopting a mindset of simplicity and shifting our focus to experiences and relationships.

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