Fully Funded 6 Weeks Exchange Program in USA for Pakistani English Teachers


A fully funded exchange program to the University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA, for Pakistani English teachers in government schools or foundation-run schools at the secondary level is now open. 50 English teachers will go to the USA for six weeks on this program.

Regional English Language Office (RELO) Pakistan, U.S. Embassy Islamabad, in collaboration with Vision-Building Future is pleased to welcome applications for the Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program Pakistan – 2023.

TEA is one of the largest teacher training programs in Pakistan. It provides outstanding in-service secondary school English language teachers with a chance to enhance their teaching skills through a six-week-long professional exchange program at the University of Nebraska, Omaha, United States.
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  1. Full-time secondary-level English teacher in a government or foundation school.
  2. Teachers who teach any grade between 6-10 are considered secondary-level teachers
  3. Have at least three years of classroom experience in English language teaching.
  4. Be citizens and current residents of Pakistan.
  5. Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in English/Education or equivalent.
  6. Exhibit strong English language skills.
  7. Demonstrate a commitment to continue teaching in Pakistan for at least two years after completion of the program.
  8. Principals and teacher trainers are eligible to apply if they are practicing secondary -level English teachers.

UK Students Exchange Program under Pak-UK Education Gateway Program – Apply Now!


  1. Visa support.
  2. Pre-departure orientation held in Pakistan.
  3. Round-trip airfare and travel within the U.S.
  4. A welcome workshop at University of Nebraska, Omaha.
  5. Tuition/Program fees Housing (shared with program fellow of the same gender) and meals
  6. Accident and sickness medical coverage (does not cover pre-existing conditions)
  7. Transportation to the practicum school (if necessary)
  8. A trip to Washington, D.C.
  9. After-entry seminar in Pakistan.
  10. An opportunity to apply for alumni grants.

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