Free Fire and the Biggest Collaboration Ever

Garena Free Fire is all about innovation and bringing the best on table for its users, fans and  everyone else. Garena Free Fire is a first person battle royale game, with different maps, most prominent brand ambassadors, characters, and much more. Free Fire is always creating something new and comes up with exciting initiatives pretty often. Recently Garena Free has announced their brand ambassadors for Pakistan region and it just cannot get any more exciting than this!

In this holy month of Ramadan, topped with their Ramadan Special Campaign, Free Fire is collaborating with our favorite Pakistani cricketers Babar Azam & Shadab Khan to promote Esports in Pakistan and promote the idea of gaming culture; how it brings people and communities together.

In the past, Free Fire has also collaborated with various global superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Dj Alok, BTS, Hritikh Roshan and many more public figures. We are absolutely ecstatic that nation’s biggest cricket stars Babar Azam & Shadab Khan have joined hands with Free Fire for Pakistan region.

Not only this, Free Fire also took a challenge of hosting one of the biggest Iftars ever in Pakistan. Free Fire also invited its brand ambassadors, Babar Azam & Shadab Khan, and along with them Free Fire streamers and pro-players with 400 neighborhood people were invited to.

The Biggest Iftar Event took place at the e-library ground in Nishtar Park where cricketers & FF stars helped prepare meals for Iftar, had fun and fruitful conversations with each other, played Free Fire mobile together and enjoyed their meals to the fullest. The core motive was to bring everyone together at one place and have a light-hearted evening with everyone. The Iftar event was hosted in collaboration with Rizq to prepare the biggest feast of this Ramadan to enjoy the spirit of Ramadan together with everyone.

Not only this, a new TVC has also been released featuring the cricketers, which touches upon the spirit of gaming and Ramadan; bringing everyone together.

Free Fire is a battle royale shooting game that is becoming an increasingly social platform. Free Fire focuses on providing a wide variety of content and experiences to its users and continues to establish itself as a long-lasting global platform with over 1 billion downloads and collaborations with various public figures likex, Ronaldo, Ali Zafar, Dj Alok, BTS, etc. Free Fire continues to connect and engage with its global community through Esports – A news-based and gaming exclusive content based platform.



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