‘Atmosphere’ Transforms the Fitness Life in Karachi

Atmosphere Gym sets a new fitness trend throughout Karachi with the new improvements in environments and updates with regards to personal training and nutrition. Fitness enthusiasts throughout Karachi are making their way to the modern-day ‘iron paradise’.

Many actors of the Pakistani entertainment industry including Sahir Lodhi and national athletes like Javeria Khan, a famous cricketer, have signed up for fitness programs at Atmosphere and are suggesting others to join too. According to them, Atmosphere is one of the fitness and health giants in the industry.

Recently, Atmosphere announced its goal to bring together a community of fitness lovers together and introduce Atmosphere as Karachi’s largest health facility. Bringing together people from different parts of the city and allowing making a contribution that will change the routes of fitness goals. Atmosphere has targeted fitness fanatics and health academics who are always in search of a place that fits their needs in a motivating way.

Atmosphere introduces the largest gym in the city that is based on a studio concept. The concept includes a Solo gym where the members can book their own private space for working out. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, this studio concept allows for preventing interactions with other members, securing hygiene and spreading.

The gym also has a separate wing for Women that offers accessibility to wide turfs for bodyweight workouts. The dumbbells and barbells are made sure to be made of rubber and silicon instead of metal alloys, this prevents severe long-term injuries which generally include dropping a weight on your toe!

Experienced fitness trainers at Atmosphere are assigned to every member of the gym who examine the members and tailor out a fitness program according to their physique goals. These fitness plans include diet plans and calorie breakdowns according to each member’s requirements.

The trainers organise question sessions with the new members and analyse their psychological health as well, let alone their physical health. After the session, a BMI report is designed based on the results. Each report has a refresher cycle of 3 months where a new analysis is done.

These premium fitness supplies are equipped with a unique QR code that updates each member of the Atmosphere gym on their smartphone with their fitness progress.

This QR code concept is built on Atmosphere’s Virtual Trainer application where each scan is unique and is synced with the BMI reports and progress of a member. These machines allow for updating and guiding the member with the needs after a single scan, over their smartphone.

The update on the smartphone includes a detailed BMI analysis of the individual every month. This monthly cycle includes the statistics and pointers on the progress of every member. Such updates are approved and verified by the trainer and are also referred for future reference.

Many influencer sources sight that Atmosphere may be ‘the next Gold’s Gym of Pakistan’. The movement Atmosphere has started, is grabbing attention even across borders. A few Instagram fitness models and vloggers recently visited Karachi and organised their 7-week transformation Bootcamp at Atmosphere.

Their reaction to the environment and culture inside the Atmosphere ignited interest in many of their followers. Atmosphere is ensuring to cater to the queries by getting in touch with the motivated ones at the Karachi branch. You can explore the Atmosphere community by visiting their website. This may be Karachi’s biggest gym and fitness chain as it’s strengthening its roots within the city.


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