NFTOAR – Pakistan’s first NFT gallery bridges the gap between the physical & metaphysical art world

On 10th December, 2021, NFTOAR  exhibited an NFT titled ‘Swaddling Girl’ by Hamza Qazi at Ejaz Art Gallery, as part of their ‘A Slice of Life’ exhibition. The NFT is a digital derivation of the original work. It complements the work and depicts an array of emotions associated with the Covid-19 time. The NFT includes the original work and the signed certificate. It is available on the OpenSea platform.

Why this matters? It was a first-of-its kind attempt in Pakistan. Co-founded by M, Awais and Ahmad Bilal, the curator M. Awais explained that traditionally, visual arts were limited to certain physical mediums. However, through this exhibition, he wanted to educate the viewers and encourage them to think beyond the traditional art landscapes that we have been accustomed to.

Their upcoming project is even more exciting. In collaboration with Ejaz Art Galleries, NFTOAR are launching an NFT of Prof. Saeed Akhtar’s work titled “The Enchantress” on the With Foundation platform soon. The NFT will include the original work, the signed certificate and the book in which the artwork was published. This monumental effort aims to preserve his legacy while simultaneously, revolutionize the Pakistani art arena.


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