Ammar Abid has become the first Pakistani to participate in Microsoft’s RLOS FEST 2021

M Ammar Abid

Muhammad Ammar Abid has become the first Pakistani since RLOS started and also the only Pakistani this year who participated in RLOS 2021 (Reinforcement Learning Open Source 2021) Fest from April 2021 to August 2021.

The Reinforcement Learning (RL) Open Source Fest is a global online program focused on introducing students to open source reinforcement learning programs and software development while working alongside researchers, data scientists, and engineers on the Real World Reinforcement Learning team at Microsoft Research NYC.

Ammar will be receiving a 10,000 USD stipend. Ammar has also received a four month mentorship from one of the senior software engineers in Microsoft.

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This is an open source program intended to introduce students studying in universities under undergraduate and graduate studies to open source in machine learning. You can find more details about this program here

AMmar’s project was to integrate Tensorboard and Tensorwatch Visualization tools in the open source machine learning tool vowpal Wabbit managed by Microsoft Research.

Vowpal Wabbit (VW) is an open source machine learning library created by John Langford and developed by Microsoft Research with the help of many contributors. It is a fast, flexible, online, and active learning solution that empowers people to solve complex interactive machine learning problems, with a large focus on contextual bandits and reinforcement learning.

It is a vehicle for both research prototyping and driving bleeding edge algorithms to production. RL OS Fest is all about open source projects in the Vowpal Wabbit ecosystem.

if you are a student, please read these free resources.


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