Who to get Pfizer jabs? Government has issued the guidelines

National Ministry of Health has issued guidelines for use of Pfizer vaccine in the country that is among the last vaccines allowed by DRAP for use to tackle COVID-19 pandemic, ARY NEWS reported.

According to the guidelines, the vaccine would be kept in minus 60 to 80 degrees centigrade and any contact with light should be avoided. However, it could be placed at room temperature after six hours of its preparation.

The guidelines further read that one bottle of the Pfizer vaccine would carry six doses and its second dose would be administered after 21 days.

The vaccine would be transported in thermal shipping containers in order to maintain a specific temperature besides being stored in ultra-cold chain freezers. “The temperature of the cold storage unit would be recorded daily and a special kit would also be supplied along with the vaccine,” it said.

The guidelines read that vial of the Pfizer vaccine should not be opened before use.

Who would receive jabs of Pfizer vaccine?

Sharing details on who would be administered the vaccine, the national ministry for health said that it should be used for people aged above 18 including high-risk patients, Hajj pilgrims, and people having work or study visas.

“Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers could be administered Pfizer vaccine,” it said adding that people suffering from liver issues, hepatitis, neurological disorders and stroke patients could get Pfizer jabs while those undergoing a transplant could get the dose two weeks before it or one week after the transplant.

Those suffering from cancer could also receive a jab from the Pfizer vaccine while people suffering from respiratory, cardiac, and hypertension ailments could get the jab after consultation with the concerned doctor.

The guidelines further advised against the administration of Pfizer vaccine to those suffering from fever, COVID-19 patients while those who have recovered from the infection could get the dose.

Those suffering from intense allergies could not receive Pfizer jabs, the guidelines from National Health Ministry said.


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