‘No Resources, No Problem’ A Science Mela where Intelligence Outshined Scarcity

The Science Mela was a noteworthy occasion that took place on a bright, beautiful day on the grounds of the Crescent Model and Secondary School Lahore. I was fortunate enough to attend this event as a PYP 5 facilitator, and it was an eye-opening experience that inspired and gave me hope for the future of science and creativity in Pakistan.

As I proceeded to explore the area, I saw an Ayat on top of the BUZZ WIRE, which gave me shivers. It said:
And the thunder exalts [Allah] with praise of Him, and the angels [as well] from fear of Him, and He sends thunderbolts and strikes therewith whom He wills while they dispute about Allah, and He is severe in assault. AL QURAN (13:13)

Science Mela

A girl from a school whose name I don’t know presented the Ayat and buzz wire, but her presentation made me remember their names by showing how science and the Quran are connected.

Seeing the Bait-un-Noor students was one of the day’s most unexpected experiences. There is a widespread misconception among non-believers that covering one’s head prevents intellectual development. These young boys, however, were dispelling the myth that genius has no bounds. They displayed their works of art, which included magnificent devices that revealed their extraordinary skills.

People saw a different aspect of Kasur’s youth, a place that is regrettably associated with child abuse incidents. Although they had trouble communicating in good English, young pupils from this area showed off their idea of censored lights. Their perseverance and tenacity were demonstrated by it. Proving that genius overcomes hardship, they were aiming high.

Science Mela

Among the brilliant young minds gathered at the Science Mela, there was an unexpected guest: Solo Turk, a Pakistani jet that the Pakistani Air Force had rejected. It gave the occasion a touch of grandeur and represented the worldwide reach and impact of science and technology, as well as the unlucky us who don’t appreciate local creations and don’t provide resources for growth. I’m planning a trip there shortly because they also provide Solo Turk flights in Raiwand,Lahore.

Science Mela

Looking from Crescent School’s grounds, I saw a gathering of brilliant young brains in a single spot. The students presented a wide range of creative initiatives, demonstrating Pakistan’s immense potential for scientific innovation.

The occasion demonstrated Pakistan’s enormous talent, but it also brought attention to a serious problem: the dearth of resources in numerous parts of the country specially in education. Better opportunities and assistance could enable these bright young brains to do even more. As evidenced by the reference to launching “multiple Chandriyans,” the desire to explore space is one that, given the proper backing and resources, could become a reality.

A celebration of creativity, talent, and optimism took place at the Crescent Model and Secondary School Science Mela. In addition to highlighting the need for more resources to help Pakistan’s kids realize their full potential, it dispelled misconceptions and demonstrated the intelligence of young brains. As the Quranic verse that introduced this extraordinary day stressed, the incident was proof of the power of knowledge. We were left with a profound message: Pakistani children have the potential to be great and have a positive impact on society and the globe if they are given the right opportunities and assistance.

Noor Nadeem
Crescent Model and Secondary School,


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