Chevening Scholarship Programme 2024–25 for Masters in the UK’s Leading Universities

Chevening Scholarships are all about educating and helping future leaders worldwide while encouraging people to work together across borders.

Chevening Scholarship

Through the UK government, the Chevening Scholarship Program provides overseas scholarships. The Chevening Scholarship provides scholarships to study in the UK for a year on a fully funded master’s degree program.

These awards are funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office and partner organizations.

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Successful Chevening applicants come from a wide variety of nations and backgrounds, but they all show the passion, vision, and abilities necessary to create a better world.

Being selected has several advantages, including fully covered tuition costs, access to some of the highest quality education available anywhere, special networking possibilities, and the opportunity to see the rich diversity of the UK’s culture.

You will become a member of the diverse community of more than 55,000 alumni when your scholarship is over.

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Eligible courses of the Chevening Scholarship

One of the most important parts of your application is choosing the appropriate courses at the appropriate universities. Find suitable master’s degree programs at all UK universities by using this course finder tool.

Three courses that qualify for a Chevening Scholarship must be listed in your Chevening application.

You must submit a separate application for your course to the institution that offers it. An application to the courses you chose is separate from your Chevening application.

You can find the eligible courses by clicking here.

Benefits of the Chevening Scholarship

  • The Chevening Scholarship covers everything, from plane tickets to a place to stay and your course costs. That means you can fully focus on your career dreams and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • You will spend a whole year studying and living in the United Kingdom. During this time, you will learn a lot for your career and studies.
  • You will get to know lots of people and make important connections in the UK’s academic and professional worlds.
  • You will have a blast getting to know the diverse culture, history, and traditions of the UK.
  • As you go through this educational adventure, you will form strong, positive relationships with people and groups in the UK.
  • When you finish your studies, you will leave the UK with knowledge and a great network, which will help you turn your innovative ideas into reality.

Eligibility criteria for the Chevening Scholarship

Applications that do not match the eligibility requirements will be rejected, so make sure you do so before you begin your application.

Applicants for a Chevening Scholarship must:

  • Have citizenship in one of the Chevening-eligible countries or territories. Pakistan is in the list.
  • For a minimum of two years after your award has finished, go back to your home country.
  • By the time you submit your application, you must have completed all requirements for an undergraduate degree that will allow you to enroll in a postgraduate program at a UK university. This is typically comparable to a 2:1 honors degree in the UK, depending on your subject and university choice, though it may be different.
  • Have worked for at least two years, or 2,800 hours.
  • Apply by the deadline mentioned on the application schedule to three different eligible UK university courses and have accepted an unconditional offer from one of these options.
  • Even if you already hold a master’s degree, you are still eligible to apply for a Chevening Award to get a second master’s degree in the UK if you can successfully prove how it would help you achieve your career goals of influencing good change in your home country.

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Chevening Scholarship


A Chevening Scholarship is not available to you if you:

  • Have British or dual citizenship (unless you are applying from Hong Kong and are a citizen of a British Overseas Territory or have BN (O)).
  • Hold refugee status in a nation not covered by the Chevening criteria. Candidates for a scholarship must be citizens of a Chevening-eligible nation or have refugee status in a Chevening-eligible country.
  • Are currently employed by His Majesty’s Government (including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, all British Embassies and High Commissions, the Home Office, the Ministry of Defense, the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, the Department for International Trade, and the UKVI), the British Council, a sponsoring UK university, or were employed by His Majesty’s Government two years prior to the opening of Chevening applications.
  • Applications are open to current and previous employees as well as their relatives who work for Chevening Partner organizations. However, if the employment took place within the last two years, you are not eligible to receive a Chevening Partner Award from the organization from which you work, were formerly employed, or are related.


In September 2023, applications for scholarships for 2024–2025 will be available. Start preparing your documents right now.

The deadline for application submission for the Chevening Scholarship is November 7, 2023.

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How to Apply for Chevening Scholarships Online

The online application system (OAS) is the only accepted method of submission for Chevening Scholarship applications.

  • Use Google Chrome for the best experience on a laptop or PC, not a phone or tablet.
  • Make sure your application form is in a full-sized window for easy reading.
  • Don’t use the browser’s ‘back’ and ‘forward’ buttons. Use the form’s menus to navigate.
  • Remember your username and password for quick logins.
  • Double-check your contact information, especially your email. Update it if it changes, or you’ll miss important updates.
  • If the application takes time, write your answers offline and copy-paste them later to avoid losing your work.
  • Keep answers within the word limits (100–500 words). Less than 100 won’t count.
  • Save your work often, as there’s no auto-save and sessions end after 60 minutes.
  • You can complete the form in multiple sessions. Use the ‘Logout’ button, note your username and password, and use the link in the email to return.
  • Don’t copy from other sources; it’s considered plagiarism.
  • Submit your application in English only.
  • Check file size and format for uploads (JPG/PNG/PDF, max 5MB, 50 characters max for filenames).
  • Submit only when you’re sure; you can’t change much after.
  • You can submit only one application, and once you withdraw, you can’t apply again until next year.

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