NUST Rocket Team – Propelling Pakistan to Unattained Pinnacles!

NUST Rocket Team (NRT) has played a pivotal role in the advancement and enhancement of science and technology in Pakistan.

A group of passionate students from National University of Science and Technology took the initiative back in 2019 and their prowess and determination laid the foundation of a student society aiming to uplift Pakistan’s space sector towards visible recognition.

NUST Rocket Team
NUST Rocket Team

This team of space enthusiasts and talented individuals is Pakistan’s first undergraduate student rocketry team based on the vision to inculcate space science culture in the country. The dedicated members of the team are utilizing the best of their potential so as to flourish the sector.

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NRT constructed Pakistan’s first-ever student-built sounding rocket, Project Raftaar, and represented the country on international platforms by participating in Spaceport America Cup in 2021, where it successfully defeated three US university teams which also included the university of the hosting city.

Apart from the plans to make the country known in international skies, NRT conducts stimulating STEM activities in local schools and colleges as part of its Outreach Program, which is organized to arouse curious interest from the young students and to instill awareness in the youth of Pakistan.

A recent breakthrough for NRT was when the team developed an in-house rocket propulsion system! The skilled members of the team fabricated a rocket motor from scratch. They are thrilled to announce that they have successfully and magnificently conducted their first prosperous rocket motor test this June as displayed in the video, and this proud victory is the result of pure determination and the attempts that have propelled the team to new pinnacles.

NUST Rocket Team

Video link: WATCH NRT’s rocket propulsion test here!

NRT has taken its first crucial step, and is committed to keep on progressing at an even healthier pace, as it aims to further perfect the propulsion system for use in its future endeavors.

Their efforts serve as a distinguishing inspiration for all the technical aerospace departments and also act as a motivation for future engineers keen to revolutionize innovation. Furthermore, the team’s chief aim is to influence the young generation towards space sciences and rocketry, so that they may contribute their efforts to further strengthening the country’s space sector in the years to come.

To Infinity and Beyond.

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