PNEC-NUST Students: Leading the development of rockets, EVs, robots & drones in Pakistan

Societies at NUST-PNEC

PNEC, being a constituent college of NUST, undertakes many activities in addition to the classroom instruction and labs. One such category of activities is that undertaken by various student societies, which are an essential part of any university campus. The main aim of student societies is to develop communication, organization, and leadership skills. Societies promote teamwork and social ethics, the development of new skills and abilities, the exploration of new talents, and the development of the core objectives of a degree program. These societies participate in international competitions against other teams from around the globe.

Formula Electric Racing – NUST: Tesla Sponsorship

Formula Electric Racing – NUST is a Formula Student team from Pakistan Navy Engineering College, NUST, which has been working in electric propulsion since 2016. It has had the unique honor of representing Pakistan in five Formula Student competitions, earned the only podium finish for any Pakistani team, and is the first team to work on driverless vehicles in Pakistan.

Taking a major stride forward, Formula Electric Racing, NUST has earned technical sponsorship by Tesla, one of the most valuable automotive brands that is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy with electric cars, solar and integrated renewable energy solutions, and so on. Tesla awards this sponsorship to Formula Student teams from around the world, and FERN is the first and only team from Pakistan to have been conferred this award.


Team Envision is a team of undergraduate engineering students founded in 2009 to revolutionize the automobile industry by designing and fabricating highly fuel-efficient vehicles.  Every year, Team Envision competes in the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia (an international competition). They are the only Asian team to win 3 communication awards, as well as three technical innovation awards, among various other achievements.

This vehicle, the Evo-X, is their latest iteration and has a mileage of 200 km/kwh. Evo-X is all set to participate in Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2023 and to achieve the highest positions in the competition.

NUST Rocket Team

NUST Rocket Team is Pakistan’s first and largest student rocketry team. The team has manufactured the first ever student built experimental sounding rocket named “Project Raftaar” in the history of Pakistan.

It is expected to reach an altitude of 10,000 ft above ground level. The vision of this body is to empower the youth by promoting space science culture among the youth. And ultimately making Pakistan a competitor in the global space industry.

NUST Formula Student Team

The NUST Formula Student Team (NFST) is a group of undergraduate students who have inaugurated FS culture in Pakistan. They design and fabricate a formula-style race car to represent Pakistan in the Formula Student (FS). For those who don’t know FS is world’s biggest engineering design competition.

The team has achieved a lot with the combustion vehicle in the last 10 years of its operation. They are now ready to step into the electrical vehicle (EV) domain of Formula Student competitions. NFST, on the other hand, had already prepared a prototype of a driverless vehicle for 2021. NFST is looking to represent Pakistan in the driverless category in FS 2023.


NUST RAI is a team of undergraduates from the Pakistan Navy Engineering College, NUST. They design and manufacture completely autonomous robots to promote robotics and AI culture in Pakistan. It is a competitive society that, within a year of its initiation, has:

  • Achieved 2nd position in the fire-fighting module at RoboFiesta 4.0, a national-level robotics competition conducted at HITEC University, Taxila.
  • Organized TechnoSquid’22, a multi-module competition attended by over 200 participants from universities all over Karachi.
  • Designed and manufactured CY, a conversational humanoid robot built to interact with humans for aid, entertainment, guidance, and recreation, entirely subsidized by the Pakistan Navy.

NUST Airworks

Team NUST Airworks is a student team based at NUST-PNEC that designs and manufactures fully autonomous drones. The team has been competing on a national and international stage since 2016. They have been representing Pakistan at the U.K.’s IMechE UAS Challenge, one of the most prestigious international university-level drone competitions. The team has won 10 awards in four years.

Team NUST Airworks

This year, NUST Airworks participated in Teknofest 2022 with its highly innovative decentralized swarm of drones, deployed for search and rescue missions. The final competition round took place on the 14th of August, where the team established a captivating green-and-white presence by achieving a top 20 finish out of 96 international teams. The primary focus of the team’s current project is to make it as economically feasible as possible and give Pakistan a step ahead in the field of drone technology.

IDEAS 2022

These teams of NUST-PNEC exhibited their projects at IDEAS 2022, held at the EXPO Center Karachi. A number of national and international audiences showed their interest in these projects and appreciated the efforts and work of the students. In conclusion, the stall of NUST-PNEC was declared the most decorated stall in “less than 50 sq m” national category.

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