Dr Karmaliani becomes the first Pakistani nurse, inducted to the American Academy of Nursing

Pakistan’s first registered nurse and a major milestone for the country’s nursing community, Dr American Nursing Academy (FAAN).

AAN is one of the largest international nursing organizations dedicated to the generation and dissemination of nursing knowledge to improve health outcomes and nursing practice worldwide. Her Fellowship is the highest award given to nurses who have impacted health care through education, practice, research and policy, and is awarded for their commitment to health and well-being locally and globally.

The nomination and selection of members follows a rigorous process. New members are then expected to influence future health policy around the world.

Among nearly 3,000 AAN Fellows around the world who have been inaugurated over the past 50 years, Dr. Karmaliani becomes the first and only member in Pakistan and the Central and South Asia region, leading the country in the field of nursing. made famous.

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She is the second AKU graduate to be part of this prestigious pool, the first being Dr. Salima Megani of the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

“I am truly honored to represent Pakistan on such an important global platform.” With rapidly changing healthcare trends, nurses in developing countries are at the table where important policy dialogues and decision-making take place.

It’s important to sit around the world because it can have a profound impact on health care outcomes and nursing practice,” commented Dr. Karmaliani.

She is a long-time member of Khan University and the school’s first graduate, Dr. Karmaliani, has served in various administrative, research and academic roles over the last 30 years of her relationship with AKU. contributed to the institution.

She will be formally inducted into the Academy at the Annual Health Policy Conference on October 29, 2022, in Washington, DC, in recognition of her contributions to healthcare.

Via Aga Khan University

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