Deaf Pakistani engineer develops sign language app for hearing impaired

Wamiq Hassan, the first deaf Pakistani engineer, has developed an app ‘DeafTawk’ to empower the deaf community through advanced technology and bridge the gap between the hearing impaired and society.

Wamiq Hassan

DeafTawk is a mobile app available on both Android and IOS that provides sign language interpretation services for the deaf community. The services include content interpretation, live interpretation and DeafTawk application. All these services can be accessed globally via web and mobile apps.

The app is designed to allow deaf users to sign up, connect with qualified interpreters, and use the service to communicate with anyone, including doctors, teachers, cab drivers, and relatives.
According to its official web page, currently, DeafTawk has over 1100 certified language interpreters working 24/7 in six different language styles including Pakistani, American, British, Chinese, Singaporean and Malay.

While talking to Arab News, Wamiq Hasan, co-founder and CTO of DeafTawk shared: “The basic inspiration behind the development of this app is to uplift the deaf community and make this world inclusive for all with the help of mobile technology.

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From my personal experience, I know that deaf people face extreme communication barriers in Pakistan and there must be a solution to it. So, we are trying to bridge this gap through this app,” Hassan said.

While explaining the main goal behind the development of this amazing and helpful app, Tehmina Zafar, program manager for DeafTawk said: “Our goal is to empower deaf people, especially women, to communicate with their communities, get an education and enjoy all the festivities as a normal person.”

The app currently has over 18,000 users and offers paid subscriptions.

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