Pakistan’s first AI-based diagnostic tool in Dermatology will revolutionize the field

A leading pharmaceutical group is going to introduce the Artificial Intelligence tool for the classification of diseases in dermatology for the very first time in Pakistan.

The objective is to reach breakthroughs in the healthcare sector by bringing enhancement in the diagnosis of diseases through innovation and accuracy.

The exact implementation of this latest innovation is adopted by a leading pharmaceutical group will play a vital role in assisting the doctors and the dermatology specialists to refine their learning in a well-versed manner through this self-learning intelligent tool that will take the entire healthcare sector into a new era of success and transformation.

The company, strongly believes that by implementing and utilizing the modern methods of technology, the healthcare sector will achieve a phenomenal growth and expansion in the coming years with interminable success and advancement.

This is the first time in Pakistan, the introduction of AI tool will revolutionize the entire dermatology field and in turn will witness an everlasting effect on the healthcare industry as it will prove to be an effective tool for classification of diseases.

Moreover, this new AI tool with an expanded diagnosis capability will also help the doctors in early detection of rapidly deteriorating diseases. The prominent dermatology experts from all over Pakistan will be involved in implementation of this tool in the right spirit.


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