World’s biggest crypto platform ‘Binance’ has nominated Waqar Zaka for ‘best influencer award’

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Crypto and Waqar have become an inseparable combo. No matter how badly you disagree with him, the awareness brought by Waqar Zaka’s campaigns for cryptocurrency in Pakistan is unmatchable. This is exactly why he has been nominated for an influencer award by World’s best crypto platform.

Waqar Zaka was nominated for the award by Binance, a multinational company in the Cayman Islands that buys and sells digital currency, and his name became a top trend on Twitter once again.

Binance, a company in the British-administered Cayman Islands, is considered the largest company in terms of buying and selling other digital currencies, including bitcoins.

The company operates online like a stock exchange and provides services in many languages, including Urdu and Arabic.

The company announced the nominations for the Bananas Influencer Awards 2021 on June 25, including Waqar Zaka.

A total of five influencers from around the world were nominated for the award by the company, including Pakistani social media and TV star Waqar Zaka.

The company tweeted the names of all the nominees in its tweet, urging people to vote for their favourite person through the online form by June 28.

Many people tweeted on his nomination saying that the award of ‘Best Influencer’ should go to Waqar Zaka because he played a role in legalizing cryptocurrency in Pakistan.

Vote for Waqar Zaka.


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