Patari was hacked, compromising personal data of 257,000 people!

Hackers Leak Personal Info of 260,000 Patari Users

Pakistani music streaming website Patari has suffered a major data breach, which has compromised the personal data of and login credentials of more than 257,000 registered users, the tech blog HackRead reported.

The hacked personal data of the users has been leaked on English and Russian language hacker forums.

As per reports, it is not known exactly when the breach happened, however, the database was dumped in the above mentioned forums on June 13, 2021.

He tech blog also mentioned the personal information that the leaked database contained. The sensitive data included, Full names/Usernames, email addresses, password hashes (unsalted md5), playlists and avatar links.

The tech blog said that they reached out to the music streaming service to inform them about the data breach via emails and Twitter, however, the company did not respond. It has been more than a week now that the company has not made any response regarding this data breach.

It has been recommended that all Patari users who have registered accounts on the streaming service should change their passwords at once. Moreover, users should also stay cautious of any phishing emails they might receive through anonymous senders.

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