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Microsoft Free Online Courses empower learners globally, offering cost-free, in-demand skills for professional growth and enhanced employability.

Microsoft Free Online Course

In today’s fast-changing world of technology, keeping up and learning valuable skills is super important. Microsoft, a big tech company known around the globe, understands this and is making it easy for everyone to learn. They are offering Free Online Courses that come with Free Certificates. It’s 2024, and Microsoft has a bunch of different courses ready for you. These courses are made to help you learn without any cost getting in the way. This article is here to guide you through all the cool opportunities Microsoft has, from basic Azure skills to the latest in Artificial Intelligence. So, get ready for an adventure into the world of Microsoft Free Online Courses – no fees, sign-ups, or subscriptions needed!

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Courses offered

Microsoft offers a variety of free online courses, each designed to help you learn and grow without any cost.

  1. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
    • Introduction to the basics of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. Learn about its key features and functionalities.
    • Course Link
  2. Microsoft Azure Administrator
    • Dive into the role of an Azure Administrator, understanding how to manage and implement Azure services efficiently.
    • Course Link
  3. Microsoft AI Azure Fundamentals
    • Explore the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in Azure, gaining insights into AI technologies and their applications.
    • Course Link
  4. Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals
    • Delve into the basics of handling data in Azure, covering fundamental data storage and processing concepts.
    • Course Link
  5. Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
    • Comprehensive course on creating solutions for Azure, providing hands-on experience in developing applications.
    • Course Link
  6. Microsoft Web Designing
    • Learn the essentials of web designing using Microsoft technologies, covering key concepts in creating user-friendly websites.
    • Course Link
  7. Microsoft Cloud Learning
    • Gain insights into cloud technologies and services, understanding how businesses leverage the cloud for growth.
    • Course Link
  8. Security Operation Analyst
    • Explore the role of a Security Operation Analyst, understanding how to analyze and respond to security threats effectively.
    • Course Link
  9. Data Engineering on Azure
    • Learn about data engineering on Azure, covering the tools and techniques for managing and processing data.
    • Course Link
  10. Designing a Data Science
    • Explore the process of designing data science solutions on Azure, covering key concepts in data analysis and modeling.
    • Course Link

Feel free to click on the provided links to explore each course in more detail and find the one that aligns with your learning goals!

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Benefits of Microsoft Free Online Courses:

Following are the benefits of Microsoft Free Online Courses

  • Learn without any cost.
  • Choose from a variety of interesting topics.
  • Study at your own pace and whenever it suits you.
  • Access learning materials easily online.
  • Enhance your skills for today’s job market.
  • Obtain certificates for your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • Start learning without complicated sign-up processes.
  • Engage with content through videos, tutorials, and simple notes.
  • Connect with a community of learners.
  • No need for subscriptions or regular payments.
  • Apply what you learn with hands-on projects.

Experience these advantages as you embark on your learning journey with Microsoft’s free online courses.

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Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for Microsoft Free Online Courses is as follows:

  • Eligibility Overview:
    • No strict rules for joining Microsoft’s free online courses as of January 2022.
  • Course Accessibility:
    • Courses made for everyone, not just specific groups.
    • Microsoft wants learning to be easy for all.
  • To Join, You Need:
    • Computer Skills:
      • Basic knowledge of using a computer and the internet.
    • Interest in Topics:
      • Choose courses about things you like.
    • Access to Resources:
      • Make sure you can use the internet and needed tools.
    • Willing to Learn:
      • Be ready to enjoy learning new stuff.
  • Important Note:
    • Rules might change for different courses.
    • Check Microsoft’s official learning platform for the latest info.
    • Visit Microsoft Learn website or course links for accurate details.


There’s no set deadline for Microsoft free online courses. You’re free to learn at your own pace, without any rush. Simply check each course for specific timing details and enjoy your learning experience!

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How to apply

To enroll in Microsoft free online courses, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Microsoft Learn website.
  2. Explore the available courses and choose the one that interests you.
  3. Click on the course title for more details.
  4. Look for an “Enroll” or “Start Learning” button on the course page.
  5. If required, create a Microsoft account or sign in with your existing one.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the enrollment process.
  7. Begin your learning journey at your own pace.

Remember, Microsoft free online courses typically do not have a complex application process, and you can get started easily. Check the specific course page for any additional details or requirements.

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