NUMS scientist wins global competition on carbon removal from planet

An Assistant Professor of the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) has achieved the singular honor of winning the Global Idea Market Competition in Removal of Carbon at Sustainability Research and Innovation (SRI) 2022, organized by the Future Earth and Belmont Forum, working for reduction of carbon by finding a bio-based solution to the climate change.

Dr. Wasim Sajjad, a PhD in microbiology, working at NUMS Department of Biological Sciences submitted his idea of scientific research to the Future Earth and Belmont Forum through a presentation. The Forum is committed to sustainability, research and innovation and has been working to explore a bio-based solution to combat climate change, which means using less chemicals and more recyclable organic products and chemicals, Wasim said in his comments about his distinction.

The increasing trends in global warming, Dr Wasim said, are already evident and the likelihood of a further rise in the coming decades has given urgency to addressing “carbon sequestration technologies” more coherently and effectively. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is responsible for over half the warming potential of all greenhouse gases (GHG), due to the dependence of world economies on fossil fuels, he said in his presentation.

The Idea Market Competition for Carbon Removal, at SRI 2022, a joint initiative of abovementioned international organizations invited posters and videos from across the globe from the scientists and researchers every year. The Forum held its meeting in South Africa from June 20-24 2022, as part of its rotation venues in different regions to ensure diversity and inclusivity, bringing together world’s scientists, policy makers and researchers to develop strategies and solutions for the enormous challenges posed by climate change.

“Pakistan needs a paradigm shift in order to focus on emerging and new technologies like microalgae based technology, with the aim to improve the biotech sector to cope not only with environmental challenges but also to expand in other sectors like poultry, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals and biotech as algae technology is a win-win for all stakeholders,” said Dr Wasim.

Under the terms and conditions of the competition, the participant’s proposals were invited for either a 3-minute video or a poster presentation. Contributions from young professionals and individuals from low and middle income countries are especially welcomed.

Dr. Wasim Sajjad won the competition with the project “Vision 2050 using microalgae-based technology for Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)”.


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