Dinosaurs of the Present day Pakistan

Here is a brief account of the dinosaurs whose fossils have been discovered in the present day Pakistan.

1. Pakisaurus

This “lizard from Pakistan” existed 72.1 million to 66 million years ago. A herbivore, the Pakisaurus
lived in a terrestrial habitat. From the Late Crestacous period, more than 4 different specimens of this species have been found by paleontologists.

2. Balochisaurus

It was discovered by Pakistan Geological Survey and more than 4 different specimens were found. It existed 72.1 million to 66 million years ago. A herbivore, the Balochisaurus lived in a terrestrial habitat.

3. Khetraisaurus

Another herbivore, living in the terrestrial habitat. It lived in the same era as others and only one specimen of this specie has been found in Balochistan.

4. Mrisaurus

Marisaurus was a herbivore. It lived in the Cretaceous period and inhabited Asia. Six fossils have been found in Balochistan/Pakistan.

5. Sulaimaisaurus

Sulaimanisaurus was a herbivore and like others reproduced by laying eggs. 3 different specimens it have been discovered including those from Balochistan.

6. Vitakridrinda

Known as the Pakistani T-Rex, the VitakriDrinda was an 8 meter long carnivore that scavenged the Pab Formation in western Pakistan.

Only partial remains have been found of this slender and large bodied predatory creature.

7. Vitakrisaurus

Hunting in the late Cretaceous period, this is a carnivore genus of noasaurid theropod dinosaurs. It’s fossils were found in the Vitraki Formation in Pakistan. It resembles the famous velociraptor.


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