The Amirana Scholarship for Medicine and Dentistry at Heidelberg University Germany

Heidelberg University, officially the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg,is a public research university in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Founded in 1386 on instruction of Pope Urban VI, Heidelberg is Germany’s oldest university and one of the world’s oldest surviving universities. It was the third university established in the Holy Roman Empire.

The university consists of twelve faculties and offers degree programs at undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels in some 100 disciplines.

Heidelberg University

The language of instruction is usually German, while a considerable number of graduate degrees are offered in English as well as some in French.

As of 2021, 57 Nobel Prize winners have been affiliated with the city of Heidelberg and 33 with the university itself. 

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Modern scientific psychiatry, psychopharmacology, psychiatric genetics, environmental physics, and modern sociology were introduced as scientific disciplines by Heidelberg faculty.

Approximately 1,000 doctorates are completed every year, with more than one third of the doctoral students coming from abroad.


The Amirana Scholarship is only available for the subjects dentistry and medicine (study locations Heidelberg and Mannheim) at Heidelberg University.

Countries of origin:

The Amirana Scholarship fund is available to students from low and middle income countries of the Global South who are in temporary financial need or require support in the final phase of their studies. Please refer to the current DAC List for the valid categorisation of countries. Includes Pakistan.

Financial distress:

The scholarship can be applied for by students who have got into a financial distress through no fault of their own and who would not be able to continue or successfully complete their studies without temporary financial assistance.

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Please read the document “Financial distress” linked on the right to see if your situation is recognised as a sudden distress.

Funding Period:

The Amirana Scholarship can only cover short periods of financial hardship (usually up to one year) but NOT your whole study programme.

Application deadline:

1 December – for funding in the following year


Should you meet the funding requirements please hand in your documents in due course. You can find the application form below. Please send your complete application documents in German via e-mail to

Questions regarding the scholarship, the application process or the application documents can also be sent to the mentioned e-mail address.

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