Aeroponics technology: PARC develops Virus-free potato seed with South Korean help

A virus-free seed of potato has been developed by using aeroponics technology in the country in collaboration with the Korean government. The harvesting of first crop will be conducted on January 31, said Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ali, while addressing an event NARC which was also attended by the Korean ambassador.

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Ali said that using this technology, approximately 65,000 nucleus seeds will be extracted from the first year’s crop planted in aeroponics, which will be sufficient to plant on 40,000-50,000 acres. This seed will increase potato production by 15-20 per cent, he said.

The chairman PARC also highlighted the objectives of chilli production and post-harvest management technology using machinery provided by Korea Program on International Agriculture (KOPIA). Good quality chilli will open the door to export free of aflatoxins, he said, adding that this will increase the country’s ability to contribute more than $50 million to the GDP.

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