ADB Japan Scholarship Program – Pursue Your Masters at the University of Tokyo!

The Asian Development Bank ADB Japan Scholarship Program is a fantastic effort from the Japanese government that invites the brightest minds from ADB member nations to study their master’s degrees at partner institutions in the Asia and Pacific region.

One of the prominent institutions offering this scholarship is the prestigious University of Tokyo, Japan. This fully financed a scholarship aims to help overseas students develop their talents and guide them toward careers in disciplines that support development for a brighter future.

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The Mission of Japan Government Scholarship Program

ADB Japan Scholarship Program

The Japan Government Scholarship Program primarily focuses on promoting studies in economics, science, and environment-related fields. Established in 1988, the ADB Japan Scholarship Program plays a crucial role in uplifting students from ADB member countries, contributing to their social and economic well-being.

The Asian Development Bank, in collaboration with the Japan Government, provides funds for the ADB-Japan scholarship, benefiting international students from the member states.

The Opportunity at the University of Tokyo

Among the various institutions participating in the ADB Japan Scholarship Program, the University of Tokyo stands out as an excellent destination for ADB scholars. With nearly 4200 international students, the university fosters diversity and cultural exchange, offering a remarkable environment for academic excellence and personal growth.

The University of Tokyo boasts an impressive list of alumni, including seventeen prime ministers, 17 Nobel Prize Laureates, five astronauts, and a Fields medalist, reflecting its commitment to excellence.

Serving Home Countries for Sustainable Development

The requirement that award recipients return home to work in the fields of development and sustainability is one of the program’s best features. The ADB Japan Scholarship Program gives students the option to apply to several universities, making it a fantastic opportunity for individuals who want to support their native communities.

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ADB Japan Scholarship Program 2024 Details

Host Country: Japan

Host University: The University of Tokyo

Financed By: The Government of Japan

Organized By: The Asian Development Bank

Degree Program: Master’s Degree Programs

Eligible Departments:

  • Natural Environmental Studies Department
  • Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment Department
  • Environmental Systems Department
  • Human and Engineered Environmental Studies Department
  • The Socio-Cultural Environment Studies Department
  • International Studies Department
  • Graduate Sustainability Science Program of the Global Leadership Initiative

ADB Japan Scholarship Program Benefits 2024

The ADB-Japan scholarship offers an array of benefits to the selected scholars:

  • The entire tuition will be paid.
  • Monthly subsistence and housing allowance will be provided.
  • A book allowance and a grant for instructional materials will be given.
  • Medical insurance will be covered.
  • Travel expenses will be taken care of.

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Eligibility Requirements for ADB Japan Scholarship Program 2024

  • The candidate must be a citizen of a nation that is an ADB member or one that qualifies for a Japanese ODA scholarship.
  • Candidates must have received master’s program admission from the University of Tokyo in Japan.
  • Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree and be top students.
  • After obtaining their degree, the applicant must have two years of professional experience.
  • English proficiency is necessary.
  • The candidate cannot be more than 35 years old. The age restriction is 45 years old for several programs meant for senior officials and managers.
  • Candidate with a close personal connection to ADB personnel are not eligible to apply.
  • To be considered, the candidate must be in excellent health and capable of moving to Tokyo for studies.
  • Candidates cannot apply if they are not residents or have employment inside their own nation.
  • Candidates have to commit to go back to their native nations after the program is over.
  • To receive the scholarship for a second year, you must continue to have excellent grades.

Application Deadline

The University of Tokyo Japan’s ABD Japan Scholarship Program has a December 10, 2023, deadline for applications.

How to Apply for ADB Japan Scholarship Program 2024?

The following is the application procedure for the ADB scholarship:

  • The University of Tokyo is where applicants must submit their master’s degree applications.
  • They must declare their interest in the ADB scholarship during the application process.
  • The University of Tokyo must get the ADB JSP information sheet form.
  • Candidates must present tax returns, proof of family income, or proof of their own income.
  • The applicants will be ranked by Tokyo University, and the ADB will be informed of the results.
  • Both online and postal submissions of all papers are required.

Application Procedure of the ADB Japan Scholarship 2024

There are four primary phases in the application process:

  • At the University of Tokyo, look for a supervisor.
  • By December, you must submit a comprehensive application.
  • From December through February, the University of Tokyo examines the academic records of candidates for admission.
  • By March, successful candidates must submit an application for an ADB scholarship through the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.

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