Huawei has expressed interest in supporting a fast 5G rollout in Pakistan by sharing expertise

Huawei, a leading Chinese technology giant has expressed interest in supporting a fast 5g rollout in Pakistan by sharing its expertise to enhance social development and economic growth in the country.

Huawei is the greatest technology industry in China and is a global leader in providing equipment for fifth-generation (5G) mobile technology. 5G technology is one of the most innovative tools of the 21st century, influencing the economy, society, and security.

At the Huawei Cloud Middle East and Africa 2022 roundtable in Dubai, the Vice President of Huawei for Global Communications, Karl Song expressed support for Pakistan along with other nations which are building upon a 5G network. The company has proposed to provide skilled Chinese experts to contribute to the country’s aim of a fast 5G rollout.

The incorporation of the new technology into Pakistan would not only enhance the economic growth of the country rather it would amplify the industry through high-speed, secure, and reliable internet connectivity. Similarly, the innovation would also help Pakistan to be a part of China’s initiative of deploying 5G technology in business-to-business (B2B) domain. China has also extended its support for the coal and mining operations in Pakistan.

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Socio-Economic Growth in Pakistan

Furthermore, 5G technology has great potential in Pakistan as the latest development of cellular networks would provide a wireless communication platform at global standards. This innovation would also ensure 20 times more speed and lower latency by 10 times in comparison with 4G technology. 5G technology would also be beneficial for economic productivity and growth in the country, through massive upscaling in connectivity, bandwidth, and data transfer.

Additionally, the enhanced mobile broadband and low latency communication prove to be essential in sectors requiring instant decisions like traffic control, health, manufacturing, agriculture, energy, transportation, education, and tourism.

The “machine to machine communication” is one of the potential benefits of 5G in the field of industrial development. This would reduce the labor workforce in industries predominantly in the agriculture sector. Similarly, the 5G technology is more potent for artificial intelligence and the management of electronic devices such as drones.

Therefore, the new 5G technology would help to boost Pakistan’s economy by inculcating modern, advanced, and well-equipped industrial mechanisms.

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