Global tech giant SAP plans to leverage cloud computing technology in Pakistan

A global tech giant SAP has announced to leverage cloud computing technology in Pakistan as part of its plans for 2022, The News learnt on Friday.

The facility would help organisations reduce complexity, optimise costs, enable real-time decision making, and support new digital business innovation, SAP informed.

The decision has been taken to support and accelerate digital transformation in the country, announced Saquib Ahmad, managing director SAP Pakistan, during a media session organised at a local hotel in Karachi.

Cloud computing, which involves delivering hosted services over the internet, is recognised as a core technological building block for digital innovation, and businesses prefer adopting a cloud-first strategy in their IT operations.

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Talking about SAP’s existing portfolio for the promotion of cloud strategy across public and private sectors, Ahmad explained how SAP’s cloud offerings enable companies optimise their end-to-end processes and innovate with new capabilities in the cloud, while reducing operating costs, improving productivity, and unlocking new opportunities for growth.

He further underscored SAP’s plans to increase its efforts to provide better online security for its clients, highlighting security as one of the persistent issues organisations face in an online world.


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