Pakistan’s first ever locally manufactured Samsung smartphones are in the market!

The technology industry is progressing at a fast pace all around the world. In third world and struggling countries like Pakistan, these initiatives are still in their initial steps. The government of Pakistan believes that without investing in technology and IT, the country will not progress. There is no doubt about this. Those countries having top-notch technologies and innovations are developed and taken over the world.

If we see China, it came into being in 1949. But in terms of progress, the country is far ahead of Pakistan. The reason behind their success is technology. They have the latest technology of everything whether home appliances, smartphones, or other things. Now, Pakistan has finally launched its first-ever smartphone that is made specifically in the country.

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The Smartphone is Launched Today

It is a moment of honor for Pakistanis that now we have locally-made smartphones. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI), the present Government party took to Twitter earlier today. According to their official Twitter handle, Samsung and Lucky group have officially launched the smartphone. Surely, Pakistan is moving forward, and there is no going back now.

smartphone launched tweet

Samsung and Lucky Group Joined Hands in 2021

It was in July 2021, when the companies joined hands over the deal. Lucky Motor Corporation (LMC) joined hands with Samsung Gulf Electronics for the making of Samsung gadgets in Pakistan. The work was started after the agreement, and the result is out now. The making took place in the existing LMC plant at the Bin Qasim Industrial Park. A person from the same company announced in December 2021 that smartphone production is complete.

The step will take the country to new heights where people will look up to the state. It is a historic time for Pakistani citizens. Congratulations to the country. Hopefully, it will bring more opportunities in the field.

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